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Sep 5th, 2018

Scarlet Fleetwood

Scarlet Fleetwood

Transporting you back to your school days.

Dear Diary, whether to kill yourself or not is one of the most important decisions a teenager can make, the next one is whether to go to Heathers The Musical on the West End - and if you want the short answer, I say yes! Based on the 1989 cult film Heathers, this rock musical will transport you back to your darker high-school days, and have you reminiscing about all the people you tried to avoid, yet still managed to find yourself wrapped up in their drama (or was that just me?)

Heathers, in case you haven't seen the movie, is the story of Veronica Sawyer, a high school outcast who's penmanship attracts the notice of the school's meanest and most popular clique - The Heathers. A trio of scrunchie wearing tyrants made up of the beautiful but deadly Heather Chandler and her two lackeys, Heather McNamara and Heather Duke. When Veronica comes to realise she's traded her soul for popularity, she sinks into despair. That is, until mysterious new boy J.D. turns up, breathing life into her darkest fantasies, no matter how fatal the outcome...

The thing about Heathers is that there's going to be at least one character you can relate with, whether it be Veronica Sawyer (Carrie Hope Fletcher); a teen girl who's frustrated with the social hierarchy at Westerburg High School and longs for simple days, deciding the only way to stay out of drama is to join the elite clique. Jason Dean, J.D. for short (Jamie Muscato); lover of trench coats and all things dark, a damaged individual but if there's a 7-Eleven around you're sure to find him in there, freezing his brain in order to numb the pain. Or maybe you're a Heather, like Heather Chandler (Jodie Steele), the queen of the school who everyone fears - floats above all drama, yet causes most of it.

At some point, Heathers will mirror a story of yours, taking you on a nostalgic trip and making you feel like you're watching a production of your memories for a few moments. Though the storyline is dark, the added comedy just propels the message which it's projecting out to its audience - that popularity isn't everything, and sometimes it's easier to just be seventeen. Heathers is also the perfect musical to do just that, if not the only - and maybe we have Carrie Hope Fletcher's fan-base to thank, who knows - but the audience is majority teenagers, which is quite refreshing to see.

I can not praise the cast enough, each of them equally as talented as the other. I imagine a large percentage of the audience were there to see Carrie Hope Fletcher, but I can also see them leaving with other peoples names on their lips. Like Jamie Muscato, his interpretation of J.D. was outstanding, you'd have thought it was his actual personality (I know it's not as he's on a stage and not in therapy). And Jodie Steele commandeering the stage whenever present, how she presented herself as Heather Chandler was commendable and reflected every mean popular girl you'd ever had the misfortune of meeting.

The soundtrack will definitely be on repeat if/once it comes out, which it needs to! Until then I'll have 'Dead Girl Walking' and 'Freeze Your Brain' on repeat in my head. It's a triumph of a musical, whether you've seen the film or not (I haven't seen the film, but I definitely will be) I'm certain you'll love every minute of this high-energy adaptation! It's So Very good.

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Heathers The Musical, Theatre Royal Haymarket, London

Heathers The Musical

4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating4 star rating

Theatre Royal Haymarket: Closed Sep 11, 2021

Get those scrunchies ready, The Heathers are back. Making a return to the West End for the fourth time, the wackadoodle teen musical will now head to the Other Palace - the place where it all began! Wickedly...more info

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