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5.0 star rating Graham from Portsmouth


I took my girlfriend to see Mamma Mia last Valentine's Day, we had seats in the second row and we had a fantastic time, particularly during the encore sequence at the end. I don't need to say that the music is fab, but its an engaging story with a lot of laughs and a perfect good-night-out style of show.

5.0 star rating Jim from Weybridge, England


I am just about to leave to see Mama Mia with the family for the 5th time. My 10 and 13 years olds love it because it has a story is beautifully sung and alot of laughs - you dont need to have been a 70s child to have a great time. I always book well in advance to get the best seats and personally prefer the circle to the stalls.

5.0 star rating Tammy from London, England


Although I love Abba, the reason I went to see mamma mia was to take my mother as a birthday surprise. She has been wanting to see it forever. I never expected to love love love it so much myself. i loved it so much I'm going again soon

5.0 star rating Lindsay from Whitehaven


This was my first ever visit to London and we booked to see 2 West End shows, Dirty Dancing and Mama Mia. I was so excited and I had heard so much about West End shows, so I felt a little underwhelmed after seeing Dirty Dancing, it was good, but not what I expected. But then I saw Mama Mia and wow - I see what all the hype is about! The cast were phenonemal, they really connected and I laughed and cried during the show, it was absolutely fantastic and I didn't want it to end. The Abba songs are timeless and it was brilliant how they were tied into the storyline. I can't wait until the film is out in the summer! Blew away!!!

5.0 star rating Phil, Paula & Sophie from Manchester


This was a wonderful show. If you're after a show that doesn't make you want to change the world, think too much, or make you wonder if you've wasted your life. If you want someting that is witty, lively, and very entertaining, then this is perfect. It's like one of those sunday afternoon old movies. You know all the songs, you've seen the storyline before, so don't worry about if you'll like it, cus I can gaurantee you'll love it. What made it even better was the very helpful and curteous staff. From the chap outside who helped us in through to the kind members of staff who couldn't do enough to help. They even made sure we had a clear path to get our disabled foster child out on a level path. We can only thank everyone from staff to performers for helping us have a lovely evening.

5.0 star rating Laura from UK


I went to see the show at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London with my school. It was absolutley fabulous!! we all loved it and were singing the songs on the bus home to Wales and for days after! Its a really good show to go and see and I think we all would recommend it to anyone who was thinking of seeing it! well worth the journey and money!! xx

5.0 star rating Harry from Miami, FL USA


This was my first time in London. I was absolutely amazed at the performance. I highly recommend it.

5.0 star rating Magda from Warsaw, Poland


Entered the theater almost late, after a long walking day (acustomed to driving...). Expected a nice evening, but as well, realizing that I moght be nodding a bit after almost a week in London - all as a tourist & with my 15 year old daughter who wanted to see more, have more fun, explore more... Show was fantastic from the first sound to the last. I did not expect such strong voices, people on stage having so much contact with people in the audience (indirectly I mean). Great costumes, great laughs, great visibility. The theater seats rows are constructed in such a way, that even a pretty tall boy sitting in front of me did not manage to spoil anything! I am coming back to see it again! Probably with some friends & family!

5.0 star rating Magda from Warsaw, Poland


Entered the theater almost late, after a long walking day (acustomed to driving...). Expected a nice evening, but as well, realizing that I moght be nodding a bit after almost a week in London - all as a tourist & with my 15 year old daughter who wanted to see more, have more fun, explore more... Show was fantastic from the first sound to the last. I did not expect such strong voices, people on stage having so much contact with people in the audience (indirectly I mean). Great costumes, great laughs, great visibility. The theater seats rows are constructed in such a way, that even a pretty tall boy sitting in front of me did not manage to spoil anything! I am coming back to see it again! Probably with some friends & family!

5.0 star rating Jane from england


this is the 5th time i've seen the show and it gets better and better. I've never had so much fun and laughs. Seen it with my mates and my family, just really enjoyed every second.

5.0 star rating Sarah from Kent


What a fantastic show... Brilliant music from start to finish. and a great sing-a-long as an encore. credible links with music and story line too. I'd love to see this show again.

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555


What a truly wonderful show. Talented dedicated cast. Band were excellent. Theatre & Access for disabled was exemplary. We are going again!

5.0 star rating Geoff Parmenter from Sudbury Suffolk


Saw the show first in Las Vegas in 2004 and thought that it was very good then. But this English show beats this one into a cocked hat. The interpretation of the music was great and the cast looked like they were really enjoying the whole event. I never thought that I would see the whole audience on their feet stamping and clapping and asking for more, but this was the reaction to this tremendous show. Will run for a very long time I am sure.

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Hampshire . England.


Fab. What else can one say, from start to finish the cast seemed to enjoy the show as much as the audiance. Only down side was if you had not been to a musical for some time, was the powerful speakers, for an oldie it was a bit of a shock but one soon melted into the noise and pace of the show. Fab,fab,fab. well written the story and the songs were as one, would love to see a part 2 and see what happens to everyone else. Good luck for the future to a wonderful cast. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx AK

5.0 star rating Jenny P from UK


I have seen Mamma mia at the cinema...and i thort wow im going to see it on theatre... it blew all my expectations out the window, it was absolutly amazing. the atmosphere in the audience at the end when everyone stood up and were clapping, or dancing as myself, was phenomenal... Would highly recommend to all friends and family Brilliant night...and left me buzzing for hours after.

5.0 star rating MB from Washington DC, USA


I have seen Mamma Mia in numerous locations in the US and a number of other countires but I must say that the current London cast is by far the best I have ever seen. I go back to see the show every time I am in London. Katie Brayben's portrayal of Sophie is unequaled by any others and the energy on stage is can't help but feel good when you leave the theatre.

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555


We have had our company's Christmas do at Prince of Wales' Theatre and we just loved it!!! The songs, the actors - everything was the highest standard!!! Well - except the audience. We were the only people to actually enjoying and claping hands and "feel the rhythm"! The rest of the audience (with very few exceptions) was just boring and we don't even know why they came there... But except that - we would recommend that show to everybody, who loves good laugh, fun and singing along!!! And BORING PEOPLE - do not go to these shows as you spoil the fun for everyone else!!!

5.0 star rating K.Anthony from UK


After seeing Mamma Mia recently, i was completely blown away. I'd seen the film and fallen in love...the stage show tops it 10fold. By the end of the night my throat was raw from all the singing, screaming and laughing. It was such an amazing feeling and i can't get over the talent of the performers, so impressed!I laughed, i cried laughing, and i went home with a massive smile on my face and managed to scare one or two other passengers on the train with my awful singing!!!!!definately a worthwhile experience and one i would happily repeat!!!!!!

5.0 star rating Pauline from UK


Hi, we went to see Mamma Mia as a pre christmas treat and was not disappointed, It was Brilliant and we would go and see it again, we had front row seats A36 & A37 in the stalls, it was very loud and we loved every minute of it, although on a couple of the scenes the bed took our view away but this didnt upset us in any way, Would recommend this show to everyone, I had the dvd for xmas and was disappointed, Theatre is 100% better :)

5.0 star rating Alison Mounter from England


If you thought the film was good (which I do - number one film of all time), check out this show, it is even better. The cast are natural and brilliant. FANTASTIC

5.0 star rating Darren Redding from Portsmouth,Hants

SEEN JAN 10TH 2009

My partner and i went to see mamma mia and were not disappointed.we had seats on end of row f in stalls,not the best seats in the house but that didnt block out any views.we were overwhelmed by the amazing feel good factor of this musical together with the singing.the character of sam carmichael thankfully was a better singer than Pierce Brosnan!!! A very funny,enjoyable and entertaining show.DONT MISS IT !!!!! 1 TIP, pre order a drink for the interval even if it is £3-50 for 3/4 of a pint!!! lol

5.0 star rating Michelle O\'Loughlin from Hertfordshire


I am a young woman who uses a wheelchair and recently attended Mamma Mia with my family( I am the sister of the most recent reviewer) I would also like to express how impressed I was with the help and consideration that the Prince Of Wales Theatre staff showed me. Their attention that I have everything I needed and was able to enjoy the show made it a truly enjoyable and highly recommendable experience.

5.0 star rating Lisa O\'Loughlin from London


I would like to thank the staff at the Prince of Wales for their care and attention towards the disabled member of our party. For once she was spoken directly to rather than the person pushing the chair. They went out of their way to check that she had a clear view and anything else she needed. A great show made all the better by fantastic staff.

5.0 star rating Mamma myself from Blackburn, Lancs.England


My daughter took me to see mamma mia as a mothers day treat. First time in London and first time at the theatre. I was throughly amazed by the cast , the singing everything about it. The Prince of Wales theatre is truly beautiful. staff very friendly everything was perfect. Stayed over night in London, brilliant. only down side it went to quickly.Cant wait for the next trip.

5.0 star rating Lin & Phil Forrest from West Midlands


Wow what a brilliant show, so much energy. Cast giving 100% to their characters. Joanna Monro was so funny. We thought the film was good but the show was even better. Great for any age. Do not MISS this show. Hats off to Benny and Bjorn.

5.0 star rating Dave n Hazel Rumball from Peterborough Cambs


WOW what a fantasic up lifting show, cast are energetic, funny, fab voices and the whole thing really works could watch it over and over again '

5.0 star rating Phil from England, United Kingdom


It was fantastic! It was funny, enjoyable and a thoroughly great experience. The theatre is great, the seats are really comfortable and you get a really good view! The whole cast were really energetic and enthusiastic. It is one of the best, if not the best, musicals I have ever seen!

5.0 star rating Chris from ENGLAND, SWINDON


It was a fantastic evening. Not to be missed loved every minute of it, I could watch it over and over again =).

5.0 star rating Sophie from united kingdom


mamma mia is really good i went to see it on the 28th july i want to go and see it again

5.0 star rating Jacqui Bal from Cyprus (and my Mum from London)!


A cast full of chemistry! I travelled from Cyprus to take my Mum as a birthday treat and have to say that the show flowed. Thoroughly enjoyed it and HIGHLY recommended.

5.0 star rating José Pennafort from Brasília, DF, BRAZIL


I loved this musical, excellent, very easy to understand for a not English spoken.

5.0 star rating Liezl Maartens from Durban, South Africa


Went to see the show whilst on Holiday and taking in the beautiful sights of London, and no West End stay is complete without a theatre production, and of all the shows available I could not have selected a better option. We were clapping, singing and awestruck at the fantastic cast and performance!!!!! Thank you for keeping theatre alive and to the cast for working so hard to perform at the levels that you do! Looking forward to visiting your beatiful city again and hopefully catching another dose of my favourite Abba Classics!

5.0 star rating Carys Humphreys from Carmathen,Wales UK


Mama Mia was fantasic it was better then the movie becasue it had two extra songs in it and the songs were fantasic and the song were more lively then the movie and the best musical then i ever seen since The Lion King.

5.0 star rating Samantha from England


This is not to be missed ! Iv seen it twice now and would gladly go again and again. The story is good, music fantastic and the finale is just out of this world. Thoroughly recommend.

5.0 star rating Heather from London


Mamma Mia is a fantastic show, and just as equal is the staff at the Prince of Wales theatre. We have been twice now with our daughter who is in a wheelchair, the staff have been more than helpful both times and I would recommend to anyone that needed additional help to try this show.

5.0 star rating Alexander from Vienna, Austria


Before seeing Mamma mia the first time, I thought that on stage it could not be as half as good as the movie. However I noted, that it can be even better on stage. After that, I bought the CD with the original cast and I have to say that I understand some people when saying that the previous cast was not that good. Meanwhile there have been some changes in the cast and today's performance (my second visit) was again overwhelming. The main attraction of the cast for me is Jessie May as Sophie. Besides the fact that she looks gorgeous, she has the voice of an angel. When she sings, it really touches me deep inside. She'll have a great future. Linzi Hateley as Donna is good, but the first time I've seen it, the part of Donna was sung by Sara Poyzer and she gives much more life to the character, also with her voice. She is more the rock mother. Excellent performances of Catherine Russell as Rosie and especially Harriet Thorpe as Tanya. She is great. An absolute MUST for everyone!

5.0 star rating Loz from UK


Mamma Mia was absolutely fabulous. It is the best West End show I have ever seen. The characters were excellently played and they all had really unique styles of singing. I have been twice and I want to go more and more. Thank you London for having so many great Theatres with so many amazing shows!

5.0 star rating Gill kearsley from london U.K


my boyfriend took me as a bithday treat I sew the film before the show and knew in a way what to except but its was much more its live the set is smaller you feel a part of the show you wish you could get up on the stage with them you cant help having a little sing and dance in your seat the cast were brillent they made the show and of course the final number every one is up dancing and singing to waterloo its magical Iam still on cloud 9 and having a little sing to myself

5.0 star rating Chris Gardner from Rickmansworth, england


2nd time seeing it and enjoyed it every bit as the first time . Great cast which looked like they were having the time of their lives which made all the better to enjoy the performance

5.0 star rating Katy from Oxford


Myself and two close friends went to see this show for our 40th celebrations and were completely blown away. What a Show!!! The cast were extremely talented. Laughter and singing, what more could you ask. My friend and I were so blown away we have booked for August and we're bringing our daughters too. Can't wait!! x

5.0 star rating Annabelle from Helsinki, Finland


Me and my mum went to see Mamma Mia, because I was heartbroken over not getting into a University I wanted. Needless to say that after this experience there were only tears of happiness and a rhythm in my step! I loved every minute of it. Especially Melissa Jacques as Donna was phenomenal; absolutely inspiring!

5.0 star rating Lisa from Lincolnshire, GB


What an amazing show, it was the first time i have taken my girls to a london show and we had such a great time, non stop clapping and dancing. The cast are brilliant, they clearly love doing this show! We had a wonderful time and have left talking about when we can go again. Lovely memories, thank you all sooooooo muchxxxxx

5.0 star rating Ala.allie from London,


My friends gave me tickets to see mamma mia! for my b''s the best b'day gift ever!! show was absolutely amazing,I had goose bumps few times..I can't stop singing abba's songs..I recommend this show to anyone I've just came back from novello theatre and if someone would tell me-you can back there now to see it one more time-I would go wtihout doubt.cast-superb!!! thank you for an amazing show and night!!

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Uk


What a fantastic performance full of energy and laughs the whole cast where amazing the voices spot on, I just sang and moved to the music the whole way through, want to see it again, a big well done all, thank you :-)

5.0 star rating Jean watkins from westoning bedfordshire,


saw Mama Mia saturday 2d march 2013. eigth row from the front - superb view, thoroughly enjoyed the show would recommend to see it

5.0 star rating RODICA UNTEA from Maia, Portugal


I see the show from 03 March 2013. Is something that can ´t miss in the life! The staff, music, theater, production..... everything is PERFECT! Congratulation London for giving a HIGHLY QUALITY SHOWS like Mamma Mia..... I would gladly see again and again,..... In the show time we are going into the other dimension, in a dreaming land, love and charming.... Impossible to describe only feeling... I RECOMMEND FROM ALL MY HART .... DON´T MISS THIS...

5.0 star rating Hayleigh from Biggleswade Bedfordshire


Fun, fantastic, great, I could go on...... We went on my mum birthday after the show the cast were outside, I would love to thank the cast for making it her best birthday ever (Mum words) Never forget this day 27-04-2013 x

5.0 star rating Sue Halls from London,


Saw Mama Mia yesterday 18 May at the matinee show. The energy of the cast was breathtaking fantastic voices and incredible dancing they really had fun and it rubbed off on the audience. Cant wait to go again!

5.0 star rating Annie from Tipperary, Ireland


I so enjoyed this as did my husband and 14 year old god-daughter. The cast looked like they were having a ball and made it seem like it was the very first night. Their performance was so fresh and energetic. The show was uplifting, fun and made me smile. It had all the elements - sad, funny but overall uplifting and the music/singing/dancing were infectious. I would highly recommend it for a family night out! Staff at the theatre were friendly and helpful. 10 out of 10.

5.0 star rating Anonymous from London,


Loved every minute! Costumes are incredible. Huge ABBA fan.

5.0 star rating Brigid Beck from London,


I was at the Matinee today with 10 others and the atmosphere was great, so uplifting. We all loved it. Seats in stalls were good and the acting and singing superb. I saw this show in London about 10 years ago and think the up to date changes significantly improved it. Before, I preferred the film but now the show is on par. Well done to all concerned

5.0 star rating Mark lumby from York


My wife surprised me with a London holiday for my 40th birthday and this was our first outing. This show was amazing! The cast were astounding and the dancing staff were brilliant! This was just the start of an amazing London experience and the only regret is coming home! I want to bring my children to share this amazing show! Cast, crew, and staff should all be equally proud of such an overwhelming experience! Thank you so much!!!!!!!

5.0 star rating Kisell Hegarty from Ireland


I took my 15year old daughter to this on the 30th August it was our first ever musical in London absolutey amazing from start to finish. It was the Novello theatre and have to say staff were fantastic we will certainly be back.

5.0 star rating Alex Davenport-Jones from London, England


3rd Nov 2021 and better than when I saw it several years ago. Front row seats and Donna and Sophie both stood out as quite utterly awesome...just like it was the first show ever in front of VIPs that's literally how fresh and impressive this show was last night...I take my hat off to all involved to keep this so good and I could watch this again tonight so easily. Formidable and well done to you all without sounding patronising I two children were bowled over and will remember for ever...6 stars if I could ******

5.0 star rating Rachel brown from London, England


First time seeing mamma Mia in west end it was amazing atmosphere, defo Would go see again,sky was particularly good for his a first time in a west end show.

5.0 star rating Lisa from Derbyshire


Absolutely brilliant! Took mum as a 80th birthday surprise along with other London experiences. Very courteous staff, great seats and the cast amazing! The show has such a feel good factor, you just carnt wait to get up and dance! Amazing experience. Theres definitely something wrong with you if you dont enjoy this show! Mum absolutely loved it and had a little jig herself. This was my first experience of a musical and I must say I carnt wait to come to London again to see another.

5.0 star rating Yvonne Gorman from Glasgow


We loved the show today!!! All the cast were outstanding so funny at tines, great vocals We all had the most wonderful day, we were row 3 which if going try and get down front, near the end we were all on our feet dancing and singing!!!!

5.0 star rating Georgina from Glasgow,


Went with my daughter to see the show it was brilliant from start to finish cast where fantastic and I would definitely come back again

5.0 star rating Liz Jamieson from Glasgow (Helensburgh)


Well, what a terrific evening’s entertainment. Spectacular cast, with wonderful voices. Dancing first rate. They deserve all the accolades going. Thank you

5.0 star rating Heather Graham from Bristol,


It was my first time to see mama Mia on stage wow all the actors was brilliant l loved bill and Sam they were so spot on shame we couldn’t join in with the singing though I’d love to take part in one of the roles it’s my dream. To appear on stage I know it’s hard work I was very impressed with the band too the stage was lovely everyone worked hard one negative 👎 is everyone in the hippodrome left a lot of food waste and rubbish it’s unfair for the staff to clear.keep up the good work

5.0 star rating Jacquie I from Taunton


An amazing night! Cast and band went all out on Saturday 25th and you would never have known they had also performed earlier that afternoon, fresh as daises! Our crowd sang the whole night so we ‘thank you for the music’.

5.0 star rating Amanda from Newcastle Upon Tyne,


Been tonight absolutely fantastic seen a lot of shows this by far my favourite

5.0 star rating Sam from London, England


One of the best musicals that I have seen. Donna was amazing and gave me goosebumps on one of her ballads. The group routines were really good and lively. Jam packed with ABBA songs from start to finish. The last 5/10 were the audience joined in was a nice touch, as my mum was dying to sing. Costumes were brilliant, and some really funny bits to make us giggle. Defo recommended ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

5.0 star rating Sarah Jackson from Oxford,


We have just seen the matinee show of Mamma Mia in Oxford and what a show. Special thanks and congratulations go to the young lady doing the sign language. She was amazing. Fantastic feel good show- thanks to the cast and musicians.

5.0 star rating Susan Walker from Oxford,


Saw this today and loved it from start to finish! The absolute professionalism of the cast and the brilliant choreography made for a stunning show. This was a signed show for the deaf and my admiration for the young lady who was signing knows no bounds! She missed nothing, signing the songs as well as the spoken script. Altogether a wonderful show!

5.0 star rating Tracey Holloway from Oxford,


Early Christmas present from my daughter. I absolutely loved every second! Huge congratulations to all the cast, you made my night and heart sing. On another note ~ please turn down the heating, far too hot.

5.0 star rating Angela Beaumont from Manchester, England


This was the first time I'd seen a show at the theatre all I can say os I'm hooked Loved the atmosphere, the actors/singers were all fantastic This was better than the film everyone in the theatre was up dancing and singing and it was electrical . Thank you to all the cast and the opera House staff for an amazing first experience of musical theatre

5.0 star rating Tracey from Manchester, England


What a brilliant night out, I'd happily go again. Laughed, danced and sang along.

5.0 star rating Yasmin Al-Sheklly from Manchester, England


Mamma Mia is a musical based on the 2008 hit film of the same title starring Meryl Streep. What is the plot? Mamma Mia is about Sophie Sheridan who is about to get married to Sky on the Greek island. She wants her father to take her down the aisle but the problem is that she does not know who he is. However when looking inside her mum’s diary with two of her friends she discovers that there are 3 possible candidates who could be her father. As a result she invites all 3 and when met face to face they have no idea that she existed in the first place. They then all turn up thinking that they can recover their past with Donna. Donna gets so scared and ignores them. This is when friendship and love become strong. What are the themes of the musical? Love, family, female empowerment and friendship Cast Sara Poyzer as Donna was excellent. She was funny and feisty. Her chemistry and mannerisms with all cast members were so special. She made the role her own. She was a natural on stage and her acting was so real especially in the emotional scenes when she comes face to face with the 3 men who she has not seen for a long time. Her version of The Winner Takes It All was exquisite to watch. Her vocals were angelic and it was full of emotion. The lyrics had a great meaning and the way she conveyed it was so genuine from the heart. We also see the infectious chemistry that she has with Sarah Earnshaw as Tanya and Nicky Swift as Rosie. They were the highlight of the show with their constant humour and their comedic timing was second to none. You could not stop laughing when they were on stage. The way they sang songs as a three some was great to watch especially in Chiquita and Dancing Queen. They definitely gave us that empowered feeling and it is clear to see the strong bond between them. Swift’s performance of Take A Chance On Me was genius. I loved how she started it off as a dialogue to which later it hits to the beat. Her hilarious expressions throughout add a spark of vitality here. She has bags of charisma and is a joy to watch on stage. The performances given by the three fathers were amazing to watch. Richard Standing as Sam, Noel Craig as Harry and Phil Corbitt as Bill. It was great to see how each one had their own distinct personality and their acting was brilliant. We witnessed the serious scenes between Standing (Sam) and Donna. Craig (Harry) was incredibly funny. The romantic chemistry was evident between Corbitt (Bill) and Donna in Our Last Summer. Jess Michaelmore as Sophie and Christopher Foley as Sky had brilliant chemistry with each other particularly when they were on stage together. Their presence on stage gave a sense of innocence and a youthful edge to the show. Their roles had lots of energy and charm. It was great to see how Jess (Sophie) role develops from a young girl who is worried and has no sense of identity in terms of who her father is to being a strong woman who knows exactly what she wants. Jaden Oshenye as Pepper was amazing. He was funny, had lots of energy with his moves on stage and touches your heart. The ensemble cast whom are Tanisha Butterfield as Ali, Freya Humberstone as Lisa and Archie Flynn as Eddie brought other ABBA tracks to life especially Voulez-Vous and Does Your Mother Know where the stage was on fire with their energy and lively performance. Sets We were transported to Greece in the sets of this energetic musical especially the beautiful blue sea vibe in the opening of the show. It was simple and effective but was on point with the plot. I loved how it matched the colours of the Greek flag having the blue chairs and white walls. I also loved how it was used to create different aspects of the stage such as the hotel, church, beach bar and everything else in between. Music and soundtrack The ABBA medley was beautifully performed in the opening sequence of the show . It gave us positive vibes and I am sure that the audience were pumped up for the action. Every song by ABBA featured in this musical was done to perfection and so I could not pick out a favourite as they are all great whether slow ballads or fast tracks. It was great to see how the songs were intertwined into the plot of this musical. It also ended on a high with a mini concert finale with Donna and the Dynamos performing Dancing Queen and Waterloo giving us Eurovision vibes. We all got up and had a proper boogie not having a care in the world. Costumes The costume choices were simple but classy. We saw lots of white lycra worn by the cast. The wedding dress worn by Sophies on her big day was gorgeous and brings out emotions of such an important day. In addition the black dress that was worn by Donna was effective and was poignant. Thank you for the music Mamma Mia. It is a super trooper of a show and if you have not seen it then Take A Chance on it. Plot 4/5 Humour 5/5 Sets 4/5 Acting 5/5 Choreography 5/5 Costumes 4/5 Lighting 4/5 Music 5/5 Vocals 5/5

5.0 star rating Annette Collins from Stourbridge, England


I went to this new production at the Novello theatre with my daughter and 15 year old granddaughter. We loved it! The best performance was from Donna and her two friends but everyone did well. Donna's mate's scene with the Aussie was so funny ( Take a Chance On Me) and the gymnastics/dancing of Sky's mates was terrific. A great afternoon!

5.0 star rating Dr. Bill from California


Saw the original stage show in 2000's. Saw the movie. Saw this one in 2024 at the Novello. I am a 78 year old guy and was up dancing and clapping and singing, as was everyone else. Fabulous. Best of the three, the cast were having as much fun as the audience. Will return.

4.5 star rating Mike from Wales


Okay, I thought, not my usual cup of tea, more of a Maiden at Twickenham sort of chap. Went with friends for 40th birthday party (not mine, a friend of ours) and absolutely loved it. Great show, great music (oh yes you will dance and you will sing along). Thoroughly enjoyable and such a great atmosphere. I would definitely recomend this - but hey, roll on Slipknot in December!!

4.5 star rating Adrian Appley from London, UK.


This really is a great show. It is full of action and features so many ABBA songs. Well done to the whole cast.

4.5 star rating _Missy_ from Philippines


It's my first time to attend to this kind of show and I really enjoyed it alot! all the emotions were there. Lovely indeedy! :D

4.5 star rating Anonymous from London,


We have seen this outstanding show twice and this is the first time at the. Novello. I had the coughing from a customer behind me which I chose to ignore for ease, this was the first time our 6 year daughter was to to share the magic at a theatre we love ABBA and swayed with the singing waved hands low to enjoy the dancing but not to the detriment of others now correct me if I'm wrong but musicals surely aren't sit dead pan and on your hands!?!?! Wrong a Spanish lady did not agree and complained ruined the moment for all of us we weren't a crazy outlandish hen party we were a happy happy small family it's a shame the novello theatre did not stand by their advertising , their response was its a musical not a concert ! Well forgive us and small children for enjoying the cast singing and the band ! Poor show novello we left half way through for the fear of more negativity not what I wanted to project to small children

4.0 star rating Anon from UK


This was a very good show for defently die hard ABBA fans. The sets were memorible, The acting, singing, Dancing, humour were Excellent and the Prince of whales theatre was Beautifull. The problem whith this show was that the story was more forgetable on stage than on screen but the show was still fun and enjoyable for those who want a fun time.

4.0 star rating Bob from Swindon, UK


This is a "great for all the family" feel good show. I first saw this when it originally came on stage and unfortunately the current production is a poor shadow of the original. Because of the stage shape and backdrops it is like looking into a fish tank. The set is too polished and why do they think they can get away with visible handles for moving the set? In the original the stage floor was lit up at times and although the stage is painted the same it doesn't light up. The singing was really good. Several of the dancers failed to finish moves correctly and lost balance. Some performers did not seem fit enough for the parts. Costumes were ill fitting and how could wardrobe let Donna's wedding dress go on stage with the hem down. Having said that, the audience loved it, the theatre staff were excellent and the theatre comfortable.

4.0 star rating from London, England


Went to see this yesterday evening with my son. He absolutely loved the show, and staff were fantastic. Even allowed him to move to an empty seat due to his short height for his age. The reason for not a full 5, is the show itself can drag on slightly. though the actors make up for that profusely. altogether one of my best experiences in London.

4.0 star rating Penny from Oxford,

MAMMA MIA 29/12/2022

Amazing production! PLUS Massive congrats to all the musicians and particularly the musical Director at the keyboard. Astonishing accomplishment. Utterly superb! Thanks so much!!

3.5 star rating Mrs Tooley from Sussex England


Loved the show and the theatre but was so upset with the fowl language which was not appropriate at a matinee with so many children in the audience which included my 7 year old gran-daughter.shame on you. Veronica & Ellie

3.0 star rating Beer monster from Essex


Going this evening, treating the old women but I dont really want to go, anyone other fella's being forced to go I'll be in the bar from 7.30

3.0 star rating Dawn from Widnes


Love the films but this was disappointing. Stage props/set looked very low budget. Singing & acting was okay but not stand out. It filled an afternoon! Seen it, wouldn't see it again! Compare this to phantom which my daughter & i saw the previous evening was infinitely better in every respect. Mamma mia was fun but not great acting or dinging. Dialogue was way too fast so all words spoken just merged. No pause for breath. It was like they were just reading from an idiot board with no emphasis, punctuation or feeling! Acting was overall poor!

2.5 star rating Kyle from England


The Prince of Wales thatre was very good, staff very helpful, and seating set out in such a way as a tall person can't block your view. However this show is more for the ladies than the gentlemen. Being a big fan of the group ABBA there is a good range of their songs but the singing was a bit weak on a couple of them. Also very disappointed that none of the ABBA costumes were used in the show. On a good note the songs are tied in to the story very well, with some very funny moments. But all in all as a bloke this musical left me very disappointed

2.5 star rating Sue from kettering


The production was very good. But the whole experience was spoiled by the usherette .I was quietly singing along to the songs and repeatedly told to be quiet. Much to the annoyance of all the people around me. They all wanted to sing along but didn't dare as they saw me being told to be quiet. You do not go to a musical to sit in silence.I will definitely think twice before booking tickets at this theatre again.

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fun Musical LOUD

This is a show that you cannot get close enough to so front row seats are highly recommended.

This is a party and if you're not on your feet dancing along to the big finale then you went to the wrong theatre!

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