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5.0 star rating Diane from Norwich


I've just seen Les Miserables for the first time and thought is was fantastic. The cast were incredible and it was so moving I could hardly believe it. Can't wait to see it again.

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Kyle UK


When you watch this show you can understand why its been running for so long. The cast are amazing with some gritty performances{acting and singing} at the end of the show there was a standing ovasion. What was also pleasing was the theatre was a full house, the chairs were very comfy indeed. I cant't recommend this show highly enough also good for learning a bit of history

5.0 star rating Mark Hammond from Blackheath


I saw this show for the first time on the 1st of October and thought it was amazing the cast were fantastic and the show was so powerful and moving can't wait to see it again i love it

5.0 star rating Richard Gent from London


This is the second time I have seen Les Mis this year and again it was thoroughly enjoyable. Best voice for me is David Thaxton as Enjolras and favourite scene is the signing of 'Red and Black' where the students sing about the situation in the land and Marius about his newfound love. The only downside was the orchestra speeding up 'Master of the House' to a point where Jimmy Johnston could barely keep up. A special mention also goes to Matthew Gent who played Marius. Well done Matt! Uncle R.




5.0 star rating John,Lucy,James. from Plymouth England...


We saw Les Mis. fri.23rd jan.with our six year old son. He had a great time and what made it special was we had been playing the shows CD in the car for a few weeks.every time a song was sung it kept his interest in the show and didnt allow him to lose concentration. From all three of us to the Cast and Staff at the Queens Theatre Thanks a Million for a brilliant night. John Lucy James.

5.0 star rating Lisa H from England


We came to see the show on Friday 30th Jan 2009. I have waited an absolute life time to see this show. What a show. It was everything and more than I could ever have imagined. I was mesmerised from start to finish. I loved it. I laughed, I cried. Fantastic. I cant wait to see it again. Well done to all the cast, they are outstanding.

5.0 star rating Matthew Preston from Somerset, UK



5.0 star rating Chris from Cheshire


I've seen this show 5 times over 16 years. It doesn't seem to matter where it's performed or who is in it, it is still just absolutely the best show in town. Strong, passionate, deeply moving with an hilarious interlude, and every song a showstopper. Each time we've taken different guests. All of them are blown away by it. If you want quality from every aspect of a production then this is for you. Entertainment at its best. Actually, just writing about it is reminding me I might need another fix of it soon.

5.0 star rating Ian Bateman from Durham, England


I was worried it wouldn't match up to the recording of the 10th Anniversary DVD. I need not have worried. I can't pick anyone out for special mention because everyone of the cast were simply fantastic. I can't imagine there is a better show anywhere. Thank you all for a wonderful evening's entertainment

5.0 star rating Sarah Lewis from South Wales


I saw this show yesterday afternoon and was enthralled from the moment the curtain rose. After watching 10th Anniversary dvd until it wore out I knew I was in for a treat. An outstanding and highly talented cast make Les Miserables a must see. Can't wait to come back!

5.0 star rating Jessica from London


I have seen Les Mis many times and in many places, including Broadway and the touring show. This one beats them all. The cast is phenomenal - Jean Valjean was perfect, he nearly brought me to tears with "Bring Him Home". Cosette's voice is stunning, and the entire cast has so much energy and spirit! I am already booking tickets again to bring friends once they come in town. While the show IS 3 hours long, the time flies by and when it's over you look at your watch and wonder where the time went! It does have some "more adult" scenes that might be a bit uncomfortable with small kids (though I first saw the show as a child, and fell in love with it - not to mention most of those scenes went straight over my head - so I wouldn't worry too much). This is by far my favourite performance I have been to in the West End. I highly, HIGHLY recommend it!

5.0 star rating Rachel from San Francisco,CA


Brilliant performance. I have been a fan of the musical for years and was completely blown away, and in tears by the finale. To me, Javert stood out the most. He was so convincing and left me with chills. I will be definitely telling my friends to check out Les Miz next time they're in London.

5.0 star rating MARIA from LONDON



5.0 star rating from near hereford uk


We came to the matinee show on Weds 27 May. Due to problems with the wheelchair, we were late. The tickets via an agency were no good for a wheelchair user and the manager immediately put us in the dress circle. The staff were very helpful and could not have been more so. The show is amazing and the mechanics of it even more so with props which drop out of the sky and knit like a jigsaw. The singers all had excellent voices and the chorus was all enthusiastic. Well done everyone!

5.0 star rating Driesch from UK Hounslow


I went to this musical with my mates since my teacher was happy with our performance and wanted to give us a treat. To be honest I really just went because my mates were going and it was going to be the first ever live performance I had seen and who better to watch it with than with your friends. I expected some long boring evening but my God was I blown off my feet. Forget awesome and brilliant there were no words to describe the incredible performance by these actors. It felt like they were performing at their best just for me but I really knew that they would do the same every night with the same gusto which made me really happy since for once I got more than my money's worth. I could actually feel the emotions of the actors emanating from their powerful, clear and majestic voices. It was hard to believe that a person like me would really enjoy this but after you watch it, it would be a sin against God to say that you feel asleep through the play. To conclude this is a must see.Njoy

5.0 star rating Hugh Arthur from Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada


My wife, daughter and I saw Le Miserables at the Queens theatre on July 16th, 2009. I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the performance. The entire production was brilliant. All the actors, not just the leads were fantastic. We were particularly impressed by the little girl who played the young Cosette. Having volunteered to build sets myself for several local productions, I was very impressed with the sets. In particular, I thought the rotating floor and how it was used was pure genius. Bravo on a job well done.

5.0 star rating Jonathan crowe from coleraine (n.ireland)


took my wife to see les miserables for a treat for her birthday. i had never seen the show before. found both the acting and signing truely inspirational. the ambience in the theatre was magnificent would highly recommend going to see "les mis" to anyone.

5.0 star rating Anonymous from UK - Queens Theartre


This is the first musical I have seen at the theatre The quality of the singing and acting was second to none The customes were brilliant The props and scenes were very realistic Young collettes Castle on a Cloud reduced me to tears The performers brought this breathtaking show to life

5.0 star rating Maeve Bergin from Dublin, Ireland


I just love this show and have seen it at least 30 times. We travel to London from Dublin at least 3 times a year and go to see Les Mis each time. It is such a strong show - it has comedy, sadness fantastic music and lyrics and each time I see it I am amazed by the talented cast. Do not miss it if you are in London. My 13 year old son just loves it as well and I think you could take anyone to see it except perhaps children under 8 as it might be a little too long for them.

5.0 star rating Mike from UK


Just seen it for the third time and it gets better everytime. Can't wait to see it again. Best production in the West End by far!

5.0 star rating Sophie madeley from llandudno junction, wales


This musical has got tho have been the best thing that i have ever seen in the theatre, i couldent take me eyes of the stage!! Well done to all cast members that are in the play and making ysgol johns bright (from llandudno) trip to london so enjoyable!! x x x

5.0 star rating John Oliver from Capel-le-Ferne, Folkestone, Kent


I saw Les Mis yesterday for the 4th time. It was the third time I have taken a coach party. I had 2 coaches yesterday (110 tickets) and that makes 5 coaches over the years. I just adore the show and the seats (I was sitting in row L)were superb with plenty of leg room. Just one comment though which I can't be the first to mention. You must be aware that anyone who has ever walked down Shaftesbury Avenue and is then faced in a pub quiz with the old chestnut long running stock question "What is the Worlds Longest Running Musical?" would immediately answer Les Mis as that is what it says above the entrance. And then of course they all get it wrong because The Fantasticks which ran for 42 years on Broadway is a rather longer run than 24 years in London. How do you square that advertising claim of the WORLDS longest running Musical with the trade descriptions Act?

5.0 star rating Vic from Yorkshire United Kingdom


I have seen Les Mis many times and have the Royal Albert Hall Anniversary DVD, l`m in my 60's but the passion, and the sheer magnitude of this musical always makes me cry, it`s just wonderful

5.0 star rating Birol Mehmet from London, England


I am a regular theatre-goer and have seen many, many shows, but Les Miserables has to be my all time favourite show. I have lost count the number of times I have seen it but it still moves me like no other show does. It is dramatic, it is funny, but above all it contains songs that stay with you long after the curtain falls. 54 million people have seen the show worldwide and its no wonder it has become a such a phenomena.

5.0 star rating Nicki from North Yorkshire


I first saw Les Mis in 1987 and was dreading going but didn't want to let my parents down as they had paid for the tickets. How glad I am that my conscience got the better of me because it was, and is, a truly wonderful experience. The only negative is that, following Les Mis, I saw Phantom, Miss Saigon and other big name productions and was disapointed in each and every one of them. None compared in terms of story, quality of music, lyrics or atmosphere. I'm on the site to book to see it again - for the 23rd time! (yes, it really is that good!)

5.0 star rating Joe from UK


This was the most amazing piece of theatre I have ever seen in my life. I have highly suggested to various people. My thanks go to the whole cast for giving me an amazing performance!

5.0 star rating Mark willoughby from loughborough england


went to the matinee weds 3 march 2010..i absolutely loved it fist time ive seenit and im booking again to go soon...the cast were so good my favourite being the guy that played javert and the girl that played epione what a wonderfull voice they both had...thanks to all that gave me such a fantastic day mark

5.0 star rating Hannah Bury from England, London.


When coming to Queen's Theatre yesterday, I was not particularly sure what to expect, I came on a College trip and the other trips we had gone on were not so good, but I was pleasantly suprised, extremely so in fact. The performance of Les Miserable was nothing but pure genious, it was unbelievably inspiring and so extraordinarily beautiful that it wasn't long before I was sobbing. The settings are fantastic, aswell as the lighting and music, the singing was completely phenominal, the cast so completely believable that I was able to be absorbed from my current state into the world that was being brought to the stage, they were brilliant and everything about it brought back to me my long lost love for theatre. I strongly recommend that anyone who hasn't yet seen it most definately should as it was so very dramatic aswell as comical, the story is fantastic and I left the theatre with nothing my fantastic remarks to say about it.

5.0 star rating JoanRussell Gilkes from Baton Rouge,Louisiana 70815


I to had a dream,and on July 11,2009 arrived in London from New Orleans,the following Wednesday I went to the Queens Theater to follow that dream and see LesMiserables,now almost a year later I am still singing the music in my head,Now I am 74 and dreaming one day going back to London and see my beloved Les Miserables once again, Who knows if I ever get there,but the magic I experienced will last all the days of my life, Thank you cast,crew,orchestra,and all who brought my dream alive.JoanRussellGilkes

5.0 star rating Yv from Singapore


Les Mis rocks. I am glad I did not miss the production when I went to London in March. The production crew made great use of the stage and the cast was fantastic. Jean Valjean's tenor voice brought out a hauntingly beautiful Bring Him Home. Eponine's mezzo-soprano was painfully bittersweet in her On My Own. And Cosette's soprano hit all the right notes. The amazing score and lyrics moved me so much I cried so many times. Kudos too to the orchestra. A brilliant musical and not to be missed.

5.0 star rating Flo from France


It was my first time seeing the Mis, I was immediatly under the spell...Not only was the queens theatre a stunning place but also the performers had voices from heaven... Would definitly come back to see it, thank you for this unique and moving experience...

5.0 star rating Chris Golab from England


I have now seen Les Mis 30 times, the last one being Fri 14th May 2010. I saw it 20 times at the Palace theatre and 10 now at the Queens. This passion has been on-going since 1990. I have seen Miss Saigon and Phantom, Aspects all into double figures, but Les Mis is the Daddy of them all. The most memorable performance was on the evening of Sat 27 March 2004. That was the Final Performance at the Palace Theatre. Every scence change commanded rapturous applause, and at the end, it was like being at a Cup Final, everyone was going crazy. I still get that same buzz every time those first notes play. Any other Les Mis nuts out there? Chris G

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555


The reason is that 25 years ago, it was booked for the first 4 years, then after that it was 2 years, 18 months, 12 months etc., by which time I had moved to Wiltshire. My two daughters bought me tickets for the production on Saturday June 26, knowing I had waited so long. Well what a performance, it exceeded all my expectations. The actors were magnificent. Jean Valjean has always been my favourite character, and Simon Bowman was exceptional. But this does not in any way detract from the other actors, they were magnificent and the whole production was totally believable. When you go to the theatre you expect to be transported to another world, believe me, this was another world and the whole experience for me was FANTASTIC. Thank you everyone the Actors, Production Team, anyone involved.

5.0 star rating Mary-Beth & Martha from London, England


Les Mis at Queens Theatre was great. Nick Jonas was amazing and impressive as Marius, with a powerful voice and excellent acting skills. He made the show for me. I would recommend anyone to go and see this show. We also had a great view in the stalls.

5.0 star rating D from UK


It was last year when I got a surprise ticket to this musical, for my birthday. I dreamed to see it before. I was left without words all the show. Now I want to return the surprise for my boyfriend's birthday and buying tickets to go. I got in love with all that music and living stage.

5.0 star rating Charlotte S from England


I loved the show! The singers blew me away and the stage sets and props were also amazing! We did Les Mis as a school production, seeing how it is performed on the west end really helped our show! Thank you! x

5.0 star rating Jan and Bill Peake from London, England


We first saw 'Les Mis' 23 years ago with the original London cast. We saw it again today and were again transfixed. It has lost nothing over the years and the cast were fantastic. Thank you all for a wonderful experience. There aren't enough superlatives to say how we really feel about the show.

5.0 star rating Cynthia from England


We saw Les Miserables last night. It was the most wonderful fast moving show I have ever seen and highly recommend it. Absolutely brilliant, the whole cast was very professional and the singing outstanding. I now have the video and cd. Don't miss it.

5.0 star rating Carla Bove & Richard Metcalf-Penny from United Kingdom, Oldbury/Warwick


Absolutely fabulous. Brought us to tears more than once. Very emotive. The cast were brillant. Highly recommended to every one!

5.0 star rating Claudia from Hamburg, Germany


I have seen LesMis now a 2nd time with a friend last monday (13.09.10) in London. I was thrilled again by the whole ensemble, but especially from Simon Bowman as Valjean. For me personally the best with Colm Wilkinson. It was an evening, which was gorgeous, adorable, wonderful, PERFECT for me. Thanks to you for the great evening... Claudia

5.0 star rating Dave from Birmingham, UK


What a show! The second time I've seen as I was taking a friend along, so thought it would lose its impact, but not at all. The songs are tremendous - emotive, well delivered, great choreography to match. All of the leads and extras were brilliant and thoroughly convincing for the majority of the performance, with the female leads particularly impressing. I was sat in the upper circle so expecting a poor view, but in fact the only slightly obstructed part of the stage was the front left corner, which was hardly used anyway. Most of the action happens in the centre of the stage, so everyone has a good view. I would certainly recommend anyone to see this (except perhaps small children, but even they would probs enjoy it), and would recommend the Rainforest Cafe restaurant nearby as a fun and tasty place to eat - especially good for families. Overall, this was a great performance, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

5.0 star rating Dan burbage from plymouth, england


ive not seen any form of the show before but im travlelling up in two weeks to see the show, by what ive seen and heard , t looks like a top show cant wait!!

5.0 star rating Claudia Ludwig from Hamburg / Germany


I have seen LesMis in September 2010 again and was thrilled by the whole ensemble, but especially from SIMON BOWMAN as Valjean. For me personally the best with Colm Wilkinson. It was an evening, which was gorgeous, adorable, wonderful, PERFECT. I hope I can see you again next year in April again. Thanks for the great evening... Claudia

5.0 star rating Christina Pickering from Berkshire - England


My husband had seen the show many years ago and kept saying he must take me to see it. Well for his birthday this year I gave him the opportunity by buying tickets for the 8th Dec. matinee. He was not wrong, I was blown away. Even as the cast must have changed several times during the gap of him seeing it before he too was still impressed. Well done to all those in front and behind the scenes. I will definitely recommend this show to others plus try to see it again in the future. Long may it run!!!

5.0 star rating Mel Woodbridge from london


my partner has always wanted to see the show and I have always been apprehensive, as the show has run for so long I thought it may be a tired show, wrong oh ! this rates as one of the very best shows I have ever been to, faultless, we travelled in a group with three teenagers which is always difficult, they were mesmerised,my thanks to all who made this a truly memorable evening, simply a show with the X factor. (sensational) Thank you !!!!

5.0 star rating Nathan Rudds from UK


i have seen the show four times now and could see it again and again i think its absolutely amazing!!! once at the Palace and three times at the Queens, i have also seen four very different Jean Valjeans each one bringing me close to tears and sending shivers down my back singing 'Bring Him Home' 2002- Hans Peter Janssens 2005- John Owen-Jones ( my fave JVJ) 2006- Nik Page [2nd Cover] 2010- Jonathan Williams [1st Cover] (2nd Fave JVJ) Go and see it!!!!!!

5.0 star rating Hilary from Derry Northern Ireland


I have just been to see the show very emotional and worth every penny and more, I would go again. The cast was brilliant and have not stopped sining all the songs. Lets hope it runs for another 25 years and more. Well done to all the cast.

5.0 star rating Paul campbell from UK


a brilliant show excellent performance, only slight negative comment was, yet again no simon bowman, just like when booked for miss saigon sometime back, having said that gareth gates was absolutely fantastic marius role was brilliant, perhaps Mr Mackintosh should look at keeping him as marius he was fantastic if you ever get chance to visit london and you haven't seen Les Mis yet make it a must you wont be disappointed

5.0 star rating Old Bartonian from Somerset


If you only ever see one West End show, Les Miserables is the one to see.

5.0 star rating Jennifer Else from Surrey, UK


I cried, I laughed, I was spellbound - how do the cast make this magic? Just as fresh, exhilarating and spell binding as when I first saw it 15 years ago and worth every penny.The pure energy coming from the stage never ceased and nearly 3 hours passed by with the audiences rapturous attention. In the gentle parts you could hear a pin drop and everyone was caught up in the vervour of the 'cause' - not enough words to praise. Thank you. I am already booking up my next show. NEVER EVER STOP!!!

5.0 star rating Vicky from England


First time Les Mis at the Queens for me - Two words. Absolutely Epic! Actors took on their charactors so wonderfully and performed most beautifully, most definately recommended. I was most surprised of the many songs I knew from Les Mis that Ididn't know I knew. Definately a must see, I cannot wait to see it again, amazing!!!

5.0 star rating Gabriel Marshall from Wales


This is the second time I've seen the show. I went to the Matinee this time - and wanted to hide under the seats after it finished to stay for the evening production! I know I'll be back again.

5.0 star rating Nick Clarke from Swanage, UK.


I've seen Les Mis about 30 times in all the english speaking countries. So I was looking forward to wednesday's matinee, the one before THE wedding. This was by far the best Jalvert I have ever seen. Powerful vocals, brilliant acting, absolutely breath-taking! 10/10. *****

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555


Me and my sister took our mum to see Les Miserables in the Queens Theatre for her 60th birthday last week, as she loves the music and none of us had ever seen it. Well, it was the most amazing show I have ever seen. My mum and sister loved it, I was amazed, emotional and in awe. Until seeing the show I had only listened to the songs and not really understood the story very well behind it. I had tears in my eyes on many occasions at the brilliant acting that went along with the fabulous voices.....wow...I will definately be taking another trip to London to see it again. You are in for a real treat if you go and watch it, enjoy, I cant rate it highly enough. Thankyou to the actors and singers from myself and a very appreciative audience. We sat in row G in the stalls we had a great view.

5.0 star rating Mrs Dorothy Haynes,MBE from Freckleton,Lancashire


My daughter Ruth and I were at Les Mis on Saturday 2nd July,an evening we both will not forget in a very long time.What a theatre experience,we laughed,cried,cheered,applauded till our hands ached.We are still buzzin about it 3 days later,I can't stop telling people about what fantastic piece of musical theatre.Everyone at Queens,on stage,also the musicians were all fantastic such talent,especially Alfie Boe and Matt Lucas,brilliant. THANK YOU so much for an unforgetable evening. Dorothy and Ruth Haynes :)))

5.0 star rating Rose from England


I saw this show last Thursday for the first time. I haven't stopped talking about it since! Alfie Boe was and Matt lucas were fantastic! I will be trying to see this again before they finish their run. All the cast were very good and the set was brilliant. If you only ever see one show, this has to be the one!

5.0 star rating Colin (animal) povey from plymouth uk


What can you say that has not been said? superb only a man on mars could top this show

5.0 star rating Molly Smith from Burnley, UK


We went on a school trip to watch Les Miserables and Woman In Black and Les Miserables and it was amazing it was well better than Woman in Black and we would definitely come again to watch it. I absolutely love Alfie Boe unfortunately he wasnt in the performance we went to that night which was a shames but the guy that did take his place was just as good.

5.0 star rating Guenter Fehrenbach from Germany


Well, I´ve seen this musical now thirteen times(eleven times in London, twice in Germany), so you won`t be surprised to hear that I love it. And every time I`m planning a trip to London, I`m looking forward to this show. I hope it`ll run forever.

5.0 star rating Sonya brown from englad


what a fantastic show,the very hansome alfie boe was just awsome,matt lucas very funny and abit creepy,best show ive seen.

5.0 star rating Emma G from Nottinghamshire


To say that i didn't know the storyline at all is was so easily explained. I could watch this so many times over and over I really enjoyed, its a shame I don't live closer. All the cast had great voices and the whole thing so was well put together. We had seats in the stalls and it was such a great view where you can see everything. I would definately recommend this to anyone that doesn't know what to go and see.

5.0 star rating Sean from Leicester


Went to watch this show today (10/09/2011) at Londons Queens Theatre for the first time and we were absolutley spellbound. Tears, laughter, tension amongs many other emotions. Singing was fabulous, cast were fabulous. We have no doubt in our minds we will go watch this show many more times. I myself am not a big fan of musicals and agreed to go watch this as my partner really wanted to see it, but I can truley say with all my heart, thank goodnees I went. If you are planning to see a show, we really recommend les miserables. As soon as the show ends, you will want to go back to the booking office and buy tickets for the next show. Fantastic!!

5.0 star rating Mike from Newport Coast California


What an incredible production. I have seen Les Miserables in New York in 2001 Watched the 25th anniversary show at the O2 about 20 times. Needless to say I had to see it again, so we flew from Orange County California to see it at the Queens Theater in London last week. Alfie Boe is incredible. absolutely exceptional. Sadly I feel It won't be the same when he leaves in late November. So, we decided we are flying all the way back to London to see him one more time on November 17th.

5.0 star rating Irene Henderson from UK


It was an absolute privilege to sit in the Queens theatre and watch Les Mis. the production was simply breathtaking from music, to actors, to scenety etc !!!! The best musical I have ever seen by FAR !!!! AMAZING

5.0 star rating Annie from Hong Kong


This musical is a MUST see. Simply brilliant! The whole cast is perfect, professional, flawless, full of energy, can sing can act. I laughed and cried as the story grows. I sat in the Stalls row M in the centre. Perfect view. Would definitely go again.

5.0 star rating Ann from England


I have seen the show many times and seeing it again on Saturday was fantastic! RAMIN KARIMLOO sung Bring Him Home so brilliantly that the audience were on their feet. The show looks and feels as fresh as it did 25 years ago. This is a must see show. Saturday finished with everyone on their feet showing the entire cast how special the show is.

5.0 star rating Doug & Beth Dyer from Old Bar Beach, NSW Australia


Knew the musical very well but had missed out attending a live performance in Sydney Australia, New Zealand & the US however managed to catch the 02 Nov 2011 evening show in London and loved every minute. Thank you!

5.0 star rating Angela peattie from England


I visited the queens theatre last night to watch les mis for the first time and was totally entertained. I experienced the full range of emotions from tears to laughter. The cast were all outstanding, with the little boy often stealing the show, and the voices unbeleivably strong. Congratulations to all members of the cast and production crew. I would highly reccomend to friends and family.

5.0 star rating Joanrussell gilkes from baton rouge,la.


At age 74 I went to London with my family from Louiaiana,and saw Les Mis at the Queens theatre, today I am still singing the songs from Les Mis,still remembering how wonderful, mystical and magical it all was, I loved London,even more Loved Les Mis, thank you for the greatest night I ever had.While I may never go back to London,and I wish I could, the memory of those magical times and seeing LesMis will remain in my thoughts,heart and soul with me forever.I would rate the performance a million if I could, Thank you all cast and crew and the QUEENS THEATRE FOR THE THRILL OF ONE'S LIFETIME.

5.0 star rating Aimee from sheffield


I have seen various productions of les mis and this one was definitely one of the best... The cast were all fantastic and fully committed to their role!! Val jean was awesome, as was javert and marius and just about all of them! Queens theatre was clean and friendly and I would definite revisit. Go on, treat yourself!

5.0 star rating Chase from Los Angeles, CA, USA


I had heard the music before, and was excited to see the show live. I was enthralled from the first note. The singing was beautiful, acting was fabulous. The greatest performance of any type that I have ever seen.

5.0 star rating Victoria Coleman from Bovington, Dorset


I went to see Les Mis on Wednesday with my husband, I was lucky enough to have see it twice before but my husband had never seen it before but had heard the music before, What can I say It was just amazing, I have never known 3 hours go so quick, you get lost in the show and believe all what they are singing, I will go and see it again hopfully soon

5.0 star rating The Lane's from Woburn Sands


I had seen the show before at a larger theatre many years ago, I took my wife on 13 October 2012. The Queens theatre is so intimate and for me made the performance very special. The stage effects and performance of all the cast was sublime and extraordinary, it was electric. I could not remember to much of the first time I saw this show simple because I think it was at a much larger theatre and you probably loose the intimacy. This show was truly outstanding a must see and bring plenty of tissues..!! All of the performances were incredible and so believable and in several scenes I was was an emotional wreck especially when Jean Viljean started Bring him home it was beautiful. A huge thank you to the cast and crew for a memorable day and can't wait to go again

5.0 star rating Andreas Gol from Austria Tirol


I saw a lot of Musicals but this one was really the best. Congratulations to this cast and the responsile people. Without using a lot of effects and reduced to the wonderful music presented by the best singers and actors. This is musical at its best. Thanks a lot for these moments.

5.0 star rating Anna from London,


The performance was spectacular. I have read the book and I must admit that the musical exceeded my expectations - it managed to capture the main events and make them even more emotionally charged. If you are an emotional person bring tissues with you because I sure cried. One of my friends admitted seeing the musical on Broadway and he said that the actors here were better. I agree with this statement. We were able to struggle with Fantine, grow as a better person along with Jean Valjean, feel an unrequited love and suffer through the death of people we love. Even the evil characters were played by marvelous actors. They were so good that we grew to hate them - the Tenardiers were even BOOED at the end. This musical has everything love, loss and tragedy but still leaves you with hope and you leave with a lighter soul. Totally worth seeing a time or 10. To tell you the truth even now I am listening to the soundtrack, so it is definitely a seven-star production.

5.0 star rating KH from London,


I went to see the show yesterday. It was the 4th time I've seen it, though it had been a while since my 3rd. I have to say I was "re-blown away" by the show. The singing was simply phenomenal, especially "I Dream a Dream", "Who Am I?", "Empty Chairs At Empty Table" and of course "Do You Hear The People Sing". Well done to all the cast.

5.0 star rating Sharon Mensah from London,


10/01/2013 Just watched Les Miserables for the first time at the Queens Theatre and I have to say it was unforgettable - 'Bring him home' was flawless and effortless - what a voice - bravo- Best Christmas present

5.0 star rating Barbara Inman from Stockton on Tees

WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!

WeI came to the matinee last Wednesday - the show was absolutely superb. Having sen many productions this was the best by far - every single member of the cast was terrific. We were so impressed we will probably travel again from the northeast to see it. Well done to everyone and a very big thank you

5.0 star rating Barbara Inman from Stockton on Tees

WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!

WeI came to the matinee last Wednesday - the show was absolutely superb. Having sen many productions this was the best by far - every single member of the cast was terrific. We were so impressed we will probably travel again from the northeast to see it. Well done to everyone and a very big thank you

5.0 star rating Jean Marsh from Birmingham. UK


Just home after magical London trip to see matinee of Les Mis. Saw it some years ago and film two weeks ago.Blown away by today's performance. Every member of cast was brilliant and the singing was top class.It moves you from laughter to tears and is an absolute joy to see . Well done to everyone concerned with this fabulous show.

5.0 star rating Anonymous from London,


Have seen the film twice & didn't know if I would like the stage show as lovely Hugh Jackman isn't in it! What can I say, I needn't have worried, it was absolutely amazingly wonderful. Someone said going to the theatre is like watching a film in 3D, it takes you over & drags you in. The fantastic acting, the beautiful voices, making you believe you are there with them. What a wonderful cast lead by the brilliant Geronimo Rauch, how many times he made me cry during that performance I lost count, but I warn you take a lot of tissues because you will need them. My hands ached with all the clapping & my throat was sore with all the cheering, it was so worth it, I would go every day if I had the chance. Many congratulations to all the people involved in this production, it certainly made members of the audience escape from reality for a few fantastic hours of pure pleasure. Thank you Les Miserables it was absolute magic & I loved it XxXx

5.0 star rating DHS from London,


Saw the show for the 3rd time of 2013 last Thursday. I know all the lyrics, all the movements. The show never ever disappoints. I seen the understudy of Valjean Mr chris Holland twice and Geronimo Rauch once both are exceptional. The outstanding Tam Mutu as Javert, the stunning Danielle Hope as Eponine. From the very first beat the music is so impactive. I think I need to see it again (for the 32nd time) with the beautiful Carrie Fletcher paying Eponine

5.0 star rating DHS from London,


Saw the show for the 3rd time of 2013 last Thursday. I know all the lyrics, all the movements. The show never ever disappoints. I seen the understudy of Valjean Mr chris Holland twice and Geronimo Rauch once both are exceptional. The outstanding Tam Mutu as Javert, the stunning Danielle Hope as Eponine. From the very first beat the music is so impactive. I think I need to see it again (for the 32nd time) with the beautiful Carrie Fletcher playing Eponine

5.0 star rating Sean Flanagan from Middelsbrough - UK


emotional,funny,powerful,and jaw dropping show. A, joy to watch. A life times, emotions, all in one show.

5.0 star rating Mariette, Cees & Megan Lensink from Wellington, New Zealand


What a fantastic and powerful performance by cast and orchestra. My husband and I saw Les Mis at the Palace Theatre in London 22 years ago. Then we were seated in the front row and had a blast during the pub scene right in front of us. This time our 14 year old daughter had chosen Les Mis because she wanted to see Carrie Fletcher play the adult Eponine. She is following her on Twitter and she used to play young Eponine when she was 8 years old, so that is very special and she was amazing and has the most beautiful voice en presence. We both cried when she died and cheered the loudest for her when the show finished. What a fantastic set and amazing circle stage turning around. Also the barricades connecting from both sides was incredible and we had a great view from the stalls seats looking straight at the top. It was the highlight of our London trip and an unforgettable experience for our daughter. MANY THANKS!

5.0 star rating Anonymous from London,


I saw this show back in the 80's, but this time I was joined by my daughter and grand daughter (who loves singing and wants to be on the stage). It was an absolutely Magical evening. We had dinner in China Town before the show, and after the show met some of the stars at the stage door. Sophie got her picture taken with her idol Carrie who played the role of Eponine plus autographs and pictures and many others. It is her dream to be in Les Mis and play the role of Eponine when she is older.

5.0 star rating Anonymous from London,


I am a huge musical theatre fan, and as a 20th birthday present my grandmother decided to book a trip for us both to see my favourite musical of them all, Les Miserables. I was worried as I thought she may be dissapointed with the stage show (she had turned off my concert dvds in boredom many times before) but she loved it almost as much as I did. The cast were excellent, especially Carrie Hope Fletcher as Eponine, and Adam Linstead filling in for Thenardier! My favourite had to be Anton Zetterhom as Enjolras who (as well as being my favourite character) was the closest Enjolras I had seen to the character in the book. Best show, best cast!

5.0 star rating Danielle from London,


I went to see Les Mis in London yesterday, and words cannot describe how incredible it was! Every single actor sang perfectly and it was so much better than i expected. Loved every second of it and even found myself crying! Will be seeing this again. 10/10!

5.0 star rating Francesca from Somerset


I went to see the show yesterday,totally amazing, I was blown away,my skin tingled at times,all the cast are brilliant,everyone shines,I so wish I could sing like that!Thanks for an awesome afternoon,I think presently the best musical in the west end.

5.0 star rating Rhiannon Millard from London,


I was already in love with Les Mis after seeing the film but this cast takes it to a whole other level! It was SUPERB! The best performance I have ever seen and it received a standing ovation!

5.0 star rating Michelle from Basildon, Essex


After watching the film for years and then the O2 performance and new movie as well as reading the book I finally got to see this performance, an anniversary present from my husband, and it was amazing! I cried, I laughed and sat on the edge of my seat throughout. A must see for any Les Mis fans or to be honest anyone at all, it can't fail to mesmerise and I can not wait to go back again.

5.0 star rating Steve from London,


Les Mis at Queens demonstrates that film with all its mega bucks can never touch the soul quite like live theatre. The talent and passion of the performers and the superb staging and music made it an exhilarating but emotionally draining evening. As the Big Brother dolts tritely say: it was a journey.

5.0 star rating Pauline from London,


I have seen Les Miserable several times, and i have goose bumps just writing this review, it is absolutely fantastic, it is so intense and i am so engrossed in it, i feel i am on stage with the perfomers, also may i add are fantastic. i have already seen it this year, but no doubt will see it again and again. FABULOUS.

5.0 star rating Paulina bryan from London,


Came to London yesterday for umpteenth time to see this much needed regular boost thought the students were absolutely amazing played their parts with such intensity...plenty to laugh at ...everyone can identify with some part of the show and it reached so many emotions absolutely electric

5.0 star rating Sheila from Northampton, England,


I took my mum to the show on Saturday 15th March, it was the third time I have seen it and once again it was absolutely fantastic. The whole production is breathtaking with such talent on show. Brilliant entertainment - if you haven't yet seen it - just buy a ticket and GO!!

5.0 star rating Anonymous from London,


went to see the show last night 5/4/14 and I can say I was deeply moved , the show , the stars were all outstanding , I could watch it over and over again , I am not surprised its a long running musical , it was just wonderful and deserved the standing ovation at the end..... THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL EVENING.

5.0 star rating Julie Burgess from Kingston upon Hull. East Yorkshire


I first saw the show 2 years ago . My husband and I came for our wedding anniversary. As soon as the performance started MY eyes welled up, so emotional. I am coming again with my daughter she arrives from Australia this month then a couple of days later we come to London to see the show. We always said next time she was in the UK we would go. We are both really excited at seeing the show, Can't wait to see her reaction.

5.0 star rating Geraldine Farrow from Kings Lynn, Norfolk. UK


I have just seen the show for the eighth time. Still makes me cry every time. (July 2014) Current Thenardier's quite different but fantastic. Very impressive Javert and Jean Valjean. All round marvellous. Brought my kids and their partners this time, they all loved it too. Here's to the 50th anniversary.....i'll be there!

5.0 star rating Melissa Gillings from Ipswich


Fantastic show, brilliant cast with superb voices. Would definitely recommend it to anyone and will probably go again.

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The world has embraced 'Les Mis' with both arms.

As the first trumpet sounded and the curtain rose I was sucked into 19th century France along with the inner turmoil of our hero Jean Valjean, played by the fantastic Killian Donnelly.

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