Get the first look of The Time Traveller's Wife

The musical is playing at the Apollo Theatre

Audrey Niffeneger's spellbinding novel, adapted by Lauren Gunderson, will be playing at the Apollo Theatre. Music and lyrics are from none other than Joss Stone and Dave Stewart. The production is set to be a highlight for 2023, and we have the first look below!

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What's the story?

A heartfelt love story, The Time Traveller's Wife is a beautifully woven tapestry of Claire and Henry, a couple with a less-than-conventional relationship. The problem? Henry is a time traveller, who, with no warning, could be thrown backward or forward into his own timeline - not exactly an easy guy to plan dates with. But as their paths cross over and over, the two forge a connection that even the unpredictability of time travel can't break.