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5.0 star rating Nicole from London, UK


Wicked is the best musical to hit the theatre in years. It has incredible music and lyrics accompanied by a compelling storyline that will leave you wanting to watch it again and again! The best part is that it is family friendly show that appeals to all ages. GO SEE IT!!

5.0 star rating Frank from Anytown, AT 55555


29/08/07 seen this show twice both times standing ovations the two main stars diane pilkington/glinda and kerry ellis/elphaba are funny at times serious and their singing is brilliant kerry`s being the stronger voice.the other member`s of the cast are also excellent.i have seen other shows and wicked tops them all.this is a must see show.

5.0 star rating Steve Marriott from Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts, UK


If ever there was a victim of bad publicity, the witch of the west was it ! Showing the story of the wizard of oz from a different angle,this show holds your attention from start to finish, Kerry Ellis is a joy to see and hear, and the other cast members fantastic. On a more personal note, as a wheelchair user I found the theatre staff at the Apollo Victoria theatre to be very, very helpful, in fact they could not have done any more to be of assistance. A great show at a great venue, what more could you ask for

5.0 star rating Tasmin from Buckinghamshire, England


it truly fantastic for 14 year school child i was truly fansinated!

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555


Took the wife to see this, more as a treat for her but was completley enthralled with it, great set, great singing, great show. The song before the interval will have the hairs on the back your neck on end !, go and see it and find out for yourselves !

5.0 star rating Darrell from London


Wow, wOw, WOW! I'm at a loss for words. A spectacular display and an incredible journey into the world of Ozz. I absolutely loved this show! I found myself frequently having to scrape my jaw from the floor in amazement. Every aspect was fabulous – from the sets, the lighting, the effects, the music, the costumes, the storyline and above all the marvelous performance by the cast. I look forward to seeing it again… I’d say no one should miss it – pure magic, perfected by the passion in the performance!

5.0 star rating Charlotte from Wales


WOW That has got to be the best musical in the world ever!! The lighting sound effects were fantastic, The voices were amazing. Defying Gravity sent shivers down my spine, For Good had me fighting back tears, my god there is not one thing to criticise about the show. The One only thing i can think of is that the souviners are very expensive (but hey i didnt mind paying). Kerry Ellis was superb and i dont know why anybody tries to compare her to Indina as the both of them are equally matched!! Everything was in deed WICKED!!

5.0 star rating BigFanofWicked from Vancouver, BC


Dianne Pilkington stole the show every night. She is fabulous. I wonder how anyone could be better. Kerry Ellis has an amazing voice. She was always met with great applause when she first appears on stage. One night the understudy appeared instead to silence from the audience. But everyone seemed to warm up to her by the middle of the first act onward. In fact, all the actors were great in all the shows that I saw that week. Best musical ever!

5.0 star rating Sarah from UK


i saw this yesterday at the Apollo Victoria theatre, after watching many versions of the Broadway cast on youtube (original cast). However in this version, Alexia (plays Elphaba) is amazing, literally! This show is 100x better than the Broadway one. Phenomenal! THe music is breathtaking, especially the voices of the cast. Alexia has definitely got a bright future ahead of her. I recommend this show to everyone. It has different genres of music for everyone's taste. THe story line is superb, it is romantic, funny, emotional, blood bumping, sometimes even scary! Its an all singing, dancing, and acting show. It even brings up issues in todays world, which makes it educational, and i'm sure you'll agree with me, heart warming. I went to the west end with great expectations, and walked away astounded. Everyone watch WICKED it is .... Wicked! The most amazing experience ive ever had, and probably, ever will have!

5.0 star rating Anonymous from England, Watford


the actor playing Elphaba was an absolutely AMAZING singer!!!! the show itself was AMAZING!! there's no other words for it!! all the charecters acted brilliantly and i would have no problem going to see it again!!

5.0 star rating Mark Hammond from South East London, UK


I have been to see this show twice now and it just keeps getting better. i love it im thinking of going again very soon, the story, the cast, the songs, all fantastic, the times i saw it Kerry Ellis played Elphaba and she just took my breath away her voice was amazing, i would have to say that the best song for me has to be Defying Gravity the moment Elphaba rises up gives me goose bumps every time. i recomend going to see this show. if you are going to see one west end show see Wicked.

5.0 star rating Victoria Roberts from South Shields, United Kingdom


My lovely friend bought me and my husband tickets for our 1st Wedding Anniversary, and to be honest I wasnt sure what to expect. From the very 1st second, I was hooked! Glinda, was hilarious, and even had my husband laughing. But the show was stolen by Ashley Grey, the Understudy! Her performance was breathtaking and the hairs literally stood up on the back of my neck! I've never heard a voice like it!!! She was tremendous! I cant wait for another excuse to go and see it again!!!! Pure Entertainment, and I walked away from the theatre feeling euphoric! That may sound a bit O.T.T but its true!!! I've bought the soundtrack, and listen to it everyday!!!! Truely the best Musical I have ever seen!!!

5.0 star rating Tony mckenna from london


As a musical fan I was unsure about an adapted concept. I loved it! Yes took me a while to get into, the first song is ok...next few are really unmotivating but once the musical get in the talented cast make up for the loss of 20 mins.....Trust me miss this and you'll regret it! This isn't going any where!!!

5.0 star rating Zara from England


I thought this show was brilliant, the witch had the most beautiful voice, the costumes were briiliant. It was very funny, especially Glinda. I would go back today if I could.

5.0 star rating Richard B from New Addington


Its as the name suggests. Ideal for families as well.

5.0 star rating Sally Sentance from Sunbury On Thames - UK


This show is great - don't miss out, I went with some friends and we all found it as it states "Wicked"

5.0 star rating Nancy from North Carolina, USA


I am from US and work in UK. Just purchased my tickets again for WICKED. I love this show especially in the UK. No other location can even compare. Saw the first time at afternoon show but right after went and purchased my ticket for same day evening show. (Double WICKED in one single day!). Taking my family to show on 27th of Jan and cannot wait to see it again...and again. ____VERY POPULAR INDEED!____

5.0 star rating KluvsOliver!!! from UK


Saw Wicked for the first time on Friday. Seats were fantastic too!!! I was disapointed that Kerry Ellis wasbt performing and the theatre gave no explaination why... but! Ashleigh Gray was outstanding!!!! the vocals are phemomenal, sets brilliant, story line wonderful and characterisation amazing. Itis tghe mosy enjoyable West End show i have seen in a very long time!! It is one you will simply want to see again and again!!!!

5.0 star rating Lindsey Chapman from Anytown, AT 55555


I have seen lots of west end shows and this show is right up at the top. Seats were excellent and Ashleigh Gray was magnificent. Only saw it on the 21st Jan and alreading booking to go back again. It has great music, humour and is throughly enjoyable.

5.0 star rating Kt from uk


went on 15/11/08, Alexia as Elphaba. Ive booked again for Sept this year and I would go every night if i could! fantastic show, excellent music (i listen the the album every day!!) 110% 5*

5.0 star rating Rachel from Southend, Essex, UK


This is such a good musical. the music itself is very catchy and the singing was excellent. The special effects were also great. I would recommend this show to anyone!

5.0 star rating Margaret lewis from England


went to wicked yesterday ,and had the most fantastic time ,the cast were brilliant and the story fascinating i am in my fifties and would thoroughly reccomend this show to anyone. went with my daughter and daughter in law and they were enchanched by the costumes and scenery. well done every one . Margaret Lewis

5.0 star rating Debbie Benton from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, GB


What a wonderful valentines treat! Feb 14th,and to top it all the privilage of being at the 1000th show! This show is amazing! I cried, i laughed, and i left wanting more! The story is so clever, and the talent is second to none! The wizard of oz will never be the same again! Go and see it, you wont regret it!!

5.0 star rating Jacqu from Scotland


We saw Wicked at the Apollo on the evening of Wed 15th April 2009, it was absolutely superb. Aside from not knowing the story of Wicked, so obviously I cried at numerous parts, and laughed out loud at others, I was astounded by the vocal strength of Kerry Ellis in particular. I had purchased the CD (by the original cast) prior to going to the show and what I heard on the night was far superior to the CD. I would love to see this again and thoroughly recommend it, an amazing show!!!!

5.0 star rating Abbie Bassett from Hereford, UK


I saw Wicked last week, it was brilliant. I was lost for words when I watched it, and i still am! I came with my drama group and this really inspired me. Kerry Ellis was fabulous: the singing from the whole cast made me shiver (It was so good!) The lighting, effects and costumes took my breath away... the whole performance was fernomanal! I'm dying to go and see it again! :( I don't think i ever will though. I could go on for hours about how good Wicked is. You just have to see it! This HAS to be the best westend ever! Even better than broadway! 5 stars from me! Abi x

5.0 star rating Jennifer from Belfast


I am 17 and an alevel drama student.On Saturday the 2nd Of May I went to see Wicked in London. I really truly loved it. Having not known this story before I had went to see this I was so shocked at what happened. The two main characters of Elphaba (Wicked Witch) and Glinda (Good Witch) who were played by Kerry Ellis and Dianne Pilkington. They were brilliant. This play was recommended to me by my drama teacher. So I thought that it was going to be good but I never expected what it was, it was amazing. I would happy go back and watch it again. To me Kerry Ellis stood out the most, she was absolutely fabulous. She had a very important role and so did Dianna Pilkington, I think that if these two actresses were not good this whole musical would have fallen threw. The stage design and costume was brilliant, it not what I expected at all. I was drawn in by the illusion this was actually happening in front of me and I wasn’t watching a play.

5.0 star rating Rebecca from England,London


One of the best plays i have ever seen, inspiring.

5.0 star rating Saraaaahh from england


i thought Wicked was amazing. it was the best show i've ever seen, i only watched it last week and i can't get the songs out of my head! it inspires me sooo much, and i want to be on broadway now. i sat near the back but still got an amazing view and heard all the wonderful songs. and yeaa some people might think it was crap, too loud, and boring, but to me it meant everything. it's truly amazing, i recommend anyone to go and see it. alothough one of the bad things is after watching Wicked and finding out the true story, you can't watch the Wizard of Oz in the same way. (:

5.0 star rating Hannah from bookham, surrey


i am a twelve year old from bookham in surrey we went to see wicked with our school and i have already seen 8 different musicals but that was by far the best one i have seen and i am going to see it again next month. definatley recomended for everone about over 8 because sometimes it is hard to understand what is going on

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Orlando, FL USA


We bought our tickets from ticketmaster and chose the cheapest seats available. We were all the way on the side and only 10 seats back or so but didn't feel like we missed much at all. Excellent deal! The singing was great- especially liked Elphaba. The costumes and story was vivid and entertaining- definitely would see it again. I was shocked that I actually fell asleep for a minute or two but didn't miss much- this just shows that the show was so good cause I was able to stay awake and entertained after flying in overnight the night before with no sleep and then full London touring all day before the show. It was excellent and a must see!

5.0 star rating Alex Harden from London


I saw wicked on the 19th of december in the appllo and i cant say how amazing it was. I recomened everyone to go and see it.

5.0 star rating Sue whalley from uk


Was only half looking forward to this show, took my 7 year old daughter. We were both absolutely delighted by this muscial, which I now must say is my favourite musical. It is sheer theatre - the music, the sets, the cast, the whole thing is completely delightful. I live over 250 miles away from London, but fully intend to return very soon just to see Wicked. Got goose bumps at the back of my neck at the end of the first half - always an indicator of a good show.

5.0 star rating Carys Humphreys from Carmathen, Wales UK


I had seen the Wizard Of Oz film and then i went to see Wicked The Musical and found out how the wicked witch a.k.a Elphaba and the good witch a.k.a. Glinda became witches and how Elphaba Boq into the tinman and Fiyero as the scarecrow and how all the animals stop talk like humans and started actting like animals and how the monkeys turn into the flying monkeys and also found out the alltought everyone thouhgt ElphabaElphaba was bad really she was good and also found out the Elphaba sister got flatend be Doraphy house.

5.0 star rating Simon Rich from England


We took our daughter to see "Wicked" on 14th April (12th Birthday) fully expecting to see a good show. Oh how we were blown away with extraordinary performances from the entire cast. Rachel Tucker is perfect in every way and having seen most of the biggies at the West End never before have I been moved to write a review but I cannot thank the show enough I had goose bumps for practically the entire show. The mix of comedy and tragedy keeps you spellbound from start to finish, a standing ovation just doesn't seem to be good enough.

5.0 star rating Gareth from Manchester UK


We've seen this musical 3 times now (one of the times on Broadway). Rachel Tucker is absolutely outstanding. The range and power of her voice is simply amazing. She's easily as good as Idina Menzel was in the role.

5.0 star rating Louise from UK


took my sister to see this for her 21st birthday and we loved every minute of it a truly fantastic night out

5.0 star rating Taaayy from UK



5.0 star rating Craig Carter from Inverclyde Academy, Greenock, UK


A mean this show was wicked man would love to go bck to see it, i was pleased with the seeating i was sitting in (T15) stalls, and yes i would take my whole family to see this as it is totally incredible, and also before hand we went to rainforest cafe wich was good, good luck to the cast in future, i truely loved the show, just a wee shout out to inverclyde academy who came all the way from scotland to see two shows, wicked and sister act in the paladium and madame tussauds, london eye,also planet hollywood we had a great time and hopefully we come back and visit again and see other shows!!

5.0 star rating Iweta from London


I saw "Wicked" yesterday (it was a gift from my boyfriend since it was my birthday) and can't get over it until now...had tears in my eyes all the way long and for the first time in a long time I forgot about everything bad in my life. What I felt there, listening to those songs it is beyond everything imaginable! Those people, who perform in this musical has incredible power of making people happy. I wish I could do that as well.

5.0 star rating Carol reid from united kingdom


My daughter and i saw wicked yesterday money well spent. Rachel Tucker and Sarah Earnshaw (bad and good witch) blew the show away with their amazing singing. You need to see it to experince it. well done to all the cast and everyone involved with this production.

5.0 star rating Tracey peat from england


absolutely amazing show, the stage was fab and the actors were all amazing. well worth going to see would go back

5.0 star rating Patricia from Lincoln, Canterbury, New Zealand


As a treat for our last night in London my sister-in-law and I pre-booked our tickets on-line. We had great seats (upstairs Dress Circle, E21/22). What can I say? I have seen various stage performances/presentations but this one had me transfixed from the first moment. And the singing! The night we attended the understudy played Elphaba. I laughed, I cried.... the whole gamut of emotions. I would recommend this show to anyone who has an appreciation of a good story, fabulous costumes and outstanding performances - by everyone. Thank you.

5.0 star rating Anna from UK


I went to see Wicked a couple of weeks ago and was completely in awe. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life. I have always wanted to be in theatre, but this just totally blew me away and inspired me even more to be in theatre. The cast was amazing - two of the main characters had been on those Joseph / Nancy programmes where Andrew Lloyd Webber is putting on a west end theatre production. Me and my friends were sat there at the begining like "OMG that's Lee Mead who won Joseph!!!" or "That's Rachel Tucker who was in the Nancy show!". We had great seats, despite our last-minute booking, and I would DEFINATELY reccomend anyone to go and see it, as I, and my friends, found it an experience of a lifetime.

5.0 star rating Laura from London


I went to see Wicked on Saturday and I wasn't disappointed! It really was something else and so worth going to see. The acting is spot on, the set is delightful and the music was beautiful. It was a great night out.

5.0 star rating Andy Glover from Derby, UK


Saw this for first time last week and it blew me away. Awsome, must see again!!!!

5.0 star rating Hanna1 from Finland


We, four ladies from Finland, visited London on the 26th – 28th of November 2010. We came to enjoy Wicked Musical into Apollo Victoria Theatre on SAT the 27th of Nov 07:30 PM (my Seat no. was ZD05). During the play I wondered as I heard singing from the audience. Then I realized, that one of the boys who is showing the seats was singing loud and very disturbingly along with the cast. Especially this annoyed me when Glinda and Elphaba were singing their duet!! I have seen the Wicked musical many times in Finland in Our Helsinki City Theatre and I know the music very well. I came especially to London to see the original version of this musical and I had paid for the expensive tickets. If I would like to come in a year to enjoy this or another play in Apollo Victoria Theatre again, it would be desirable, not to experience this kind of disturbance again! I hope your employees have the possibility to practice their passion to sing somewhere else.Continues......

5.0 star rating Hanna2 from Finland


Continues.... Otherwise the Wicked Musical in your theatre was fantastic. The whole cast performed and sang well. The direction was fabulous. Special greetings we all four ladies would like to send to Rachel Tucker who played Elphaba. YOU ARE FANTASTIC!!!

5.0 star rating Fazzel from Anytown, AT 55555


We sat at the very back, There is an option for veiwing glasses which are £1 we just got one set. It was nice for some of the scenes to use them but they really are not needed. the music was amazing the effects are great and a few effects may have you jump in your seat. The story tells you about the two witches and also the back ground of the tin man, scare crow and lion. Its great everything rolls very nicely. Im not a fan of traveling or of lots of people. But i am soooo glad i did make the effort and went it was amazing. me and my sister took the coach and then a train it was so easy. loads of places to eat before the show. had a drink in the pub, watched the show and hopped on the train. easy! i also got the book and cd! both amazing!

5.0 star rating Megan from manchester


i went to see this last night in london and it was so amazing! i would see it again tonight if i could. definately recommend it to everyone!!!!!!

5.0 star rating Kbabe from Warwickshire, England


Oh My Goodness! This has got to be the best musical on stage ever, and I've seen a few! A present for my 40th Birthday, I was blown away when I received tickets for this show. We had a seat in the circle and it took in the whole of the stage and all of the scenery. What the Wizard of Oz lacks (which I saw a few weeks ago) this has in spades and diamonds and hearts and clubs. It is A-May-zing. The energy, the colours, the acting, the songs, everyone keeps asking what I thought of it and there are just so many words to describe it i've found myself just saying OH WOW!!!! When the interval came after the most awesome rendition of Defying Gravity I have ever heard I turned to my companion and said I could sit through the first half again, just for the sheer enjoyment of it. I laughed, I cried - really I did! and I want to do it all again tomorrow, you really really have to see this show!

5.0 star rating Debs from Farnborough, Hampshire


My husband bought me tickets for my Birthday and I have to say it was INCREDIBLE. The cast were amazing. Sometimes funny, sometimes a little sad but it blew me away! I would definitely recommend it to anybody and will consider going to see it again sometime soon. 10 stars from me.

5.0 star rating Helen from Liverpool


One word! A must see!!!! 27/04/2011

5.0 star rating James from Birmingham UK


My favourite show within the West End. Brilliant musical numbers that follow the clever plot and a very strong cast. This show is Wicked!!

5.0 star rating Lucy-Rose. from UK


wicked is one of the best musicals i've EVER seen it was a spectical to watch. everything was done to perfection and it was AMAZING. me and my family really enjoyed it there was nothing that disappointed us what so ever. it was FANTASTIC.

5.0 star rating Shannon Brown from London, UK


I Absoultly Loved Wicked! I Went To See It On The 19th Of Decemeber 2011 And it Was My First Time Going To The Theatre. I Loved The Songs And The Actors And How It Linked To The Wizard Of Oz. Its Witty And It Really Left Me Speechless After! I Still Can't Believe I Have Seen It Now Because I Have Been Waiting To See It For Over 4 Years! Defying Gravity Was A Magical Moment For Me As I Used To Sing It All The Time With My Best Mate (Whos Seen It On The Same Night BTW) In My Bedroom Dancing But It Just Doesn't Beat Watching It In Person. I Recommened That You See It If You Haven't Its The Best And You Are Missing Out If You Haven't

5.0 star rating A* from London


Perfect way to end my aussie day, and the cast were as good here In London as in Australia. It is brilliant.

5.0 star rating A* from London


Perfect way to end my aussie day, and the cast were as good here In London as in Australia. It is brilliant.

5.0 star rating Miss A Everitt from Burnley England


went to see this show sat 4/2/2012, this show was fantastic,Nikki Davis-Jones played Elphaba,she was fantastic and hit the high note perfectly. I would watch this show again,even bought the music cd. Well done on an amazing show,this defo makes you think about the wizard of oz story differently!!! We had dinner at zizzi's just around the Corner from the theatre,which was good,tasty food at a reasonable price. Wonderful weekend

5.0 star rating Belinda L from WR, Georgia USA


This show WICKED, words can't express how great this show was, seats were great, music was beyond AmaZing! Fabulous cast, wish I could see it again.

5.0 star rating Unknown from Denmark


Hello there! if anyone reads this, GO AN SE ''WICKED''! it was totally amyzing, and i loved! i can forget! my thougths are on wicked every day! i get a little bit of stomach pain(on the good way) - when i think about it. if anyone of you gouys are going in at see the show, then take it on film(only the songs) all the songs! alså there when they are kissing! it it very sweet! and please equels it on youtube! please! (sry for my english, but im from denmark)..

5.0 star rating Unknown from Denmark

FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!

it was so fantastic! i gant forget about! please, go in and see the show! its amayzing! and please take all the songs on film, and put in on youtube, so everybody else see how good it is! please do it! speciel the song ''as long as youre mine'' ! please!

5.0 star rating Nancy Jared from Edina, MN USA


My husband and I were visiting London from the States and chose this production of Wicked to see for the first time. It was an absolutely fabulous production with a wonderful cast full of great voices especially by Rachel Tucker as Elphaba. Anyone looking to experience an even better voice than the one on the original Broadway voice should definitely not miss her take on the character. We will not forget it!

5.0 star rating Salma from Uk


Must see production, enjoyed it thoroughly!

5.0 star rating Lucy Fitzpatrick from England


Went to see Wicked yesterday with my mum for my birthday and it was easily the best theatre show/musical I have ever seen. Between me and my mum we have seen many shows at theatres and we both rated this as the best (tied with les miserable). It was perfect for everybody, the acting/dancing was amazing and the singing was even better, I highly recommended the show to anybody, especially at the Apollo Victoria Theatre, it was beautiful inside and out. I would love to go and see Wicked again.

5.0 star rating Sara from St Louis USA


My 14 yr old daughter and I on a vacation from the US to England saw this at the Apollo Theatre, We upgraded our tickets and sat in the 3rd row....It was completely amazing! Spectacular We truly had a magical time....London was awesome but made 100% better by having seen this show....We are already planning to see it here in the States at Christmas time.....A must see!!!

5.0 star rating KarinaJ from San Francisco, USA


I was in London this past week and miraculously caught the matinee. I was absolutely FLOORED...their voices were amazing...it literally brought me to tears!!! A must see!!! Now I wish I bought the CD after the show...

5.0 star rating Lesley from Scotland


I went down to London for my birthday to see Wicked, and was not disappointed. The show was amazing everything about it had me spellbound from the start. The music was brilliant, the costumes were very well made and the scenery was superb. All the performers in the show were good and played there part to the highest standard but Rachel Tucker who played Elphaba was the standout performer in the show her voice was outstanding and her ability to potray the character of Elphaba was amazing. Overall a great show and made my trip to London worth while a standing ovation at the end did not seem enough.

5.0 star rating Richard from Newport s wales


Took the wife to see wicked , and she turned into a child , , lol amazing show

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Truro Cornwall


This is the best show I have ever seen. Working on Cruise ships for the last 12 years I have seen lots of West End Cabaret and Acts but nothing compares to this Lighting, special effects were out of this world and it was also great to see a full orchestra in the pits THis is a must see once in a life time experience

5.0 star rating James Smith from Huddersfield


I have now been to see this show twice and both times I have been in complete amazement with the 5 start quality of the performance and the set and costumes that the audience are drawn to. This is a must see show for anyone who is into musicals and if u have seen it once then see it again it is most defiantly the best musical in the west end to date

5.0 star rating Wendy from London, UK


To be honest, I had wondered what the hype around Wicked was but after seeing it for the first time I totally agree - Wicked is wonderful! The sets and costumes are truly magical, as are the colourful characters. The story is woven around the tale of the Wizard of Oz and adds a unique dimension to that story. Highly recommended for grown-ups, kids and everyone in between!

5.0 star rating Mrs Lloyd from DORSET


Just been to see the show today 28/08/2103, it was totally fabulous and I would go see it all over again. Cry at the end of the first act and again at he end because it was so beautifully done. Both witches out of this world and a fantastic story about friendship all the way. Well done case, I take my hats off the everyone involved in the production and a super, super case.

5.0 star rating Anonymous from London,


Great theatre, good seats,wonderful performance, by all,stunning costumes, music,lighting,dance and special effects,tears and laughter thoughout the show,a standing ovation from a full house very well deserved,LOVED THE WICHES...aim to go again..

5.0 star rating Adriana from London,


I watched 2 weeks ago. Amazing!! I loved! And first week of January I'm going again. Perfect and amazing and perfects actors Thanks so much *-* I will love too much if I can meet The cast after. Brilliant all of you! <3

5.0 star rating Javier from Spain


I can not beleive what I've seen this weekend. Some friends told me about the musical but nothing prepare me to this magical, lighting and emotional story. As a drawer I,m impressed.. as a writer I,m thrilled.. as a dreamer I,m flying. Perfect!!

5.0 star rating Marnie english from Esher, surrey


Tonight I went to the theatre for the first time, it was my daughters 24th birthday present! What a treat for us both! We loved it! The set was amazing, the orchestra magnificent, the cast outstanding Thank you all. the standing applause you truelly deserved! Lovely smart staff, be proud of everyone Apollo x

5.0 star rating Jilly from Kent


My daughter treated me to this show for my birthday. It is fantastic & lived up to my expectations.The cast were all brilliant too.The staff were very helpful & friendly.I would rate it 10 stars!! Well done to you all as I had the time of my life

5.0 star rating Erin from Malaysia


This was my 2nd London musical after Les MIs, which was good. But Wicked is simply mindblowing!! The props and costumes were impressive and extravagant, while Sophie Linder-Lee portrayed Galinda/Glinda with such eloquent flamboyance and over-the-top expressions. And of course, Defying Gravity by Emma Hatton did not disappoint! (though at times I think Glinda did overshadow Elphaba) This musical is enough reason for me to return to London to watch it again! If there is only one musical you have time to catch in London, or you're a first timer like me, please watch Wicked. You will not be disappointed.

5.0 star rating Liz from London,


Had the pleasure of seeing it this month and had to admit it was as amazing as I was hoping it will. The scenography, lights, and most of all actors were perfect and managed to make 2h40min seem like a blink of eye. Certainly coming back to see it again.

5.0 star rating Denis Ryazanov from London


My first acquaintance with musicals was Wicked. My friends told me that the first time should be special and choose from such a variety of Musicals presented in London wasn't easy task. After a few reflections, we finally choose one we thought would be great. And we were right! It was Wicked, prequel of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz", the story I loved when was a child. Actors, costumes, decoration, music, special effects, everything was perfect. My expectations were completely met. Sometimes I even had goose bumps! Almost three hours we were in theater the time flew so quickly. Someday I'm going to this musical again to uncover all the details that I might have missed on the first time.

5.0 star rating Nicola Armin from London, England


How wonderful to enjoy such a great performance by some absolute fantastic actors and actresses, I was captivated from beginning to end. Well Done Cast, Crew and staff of the Apollo Victoria for such an enjoyable evening of entertainment and yes I would recommend the show without giving away the story... (Why have they not made this into a film)...😘

5.0 star rating Steven laver from London, England


I’m ashamed to say that this is the first stage show I’ve seen,and it’s to my loss! A stunning show with fantastic story,sound,and lighting with 2 top leads in “Lucie jones and Helen Woolf” who give song,wit,and fun to make it a night to remember. Not to see anybody else undermined the whole cast we’re fantastic,what a show to have on your cv. Congratulations to you all.

5.0 star rating A Bell from London, England


Wicked was fantastic everyone was amazing, also want to give a shout out to the staff at the door very welcoming, and a big shout out to Jennifer and Adrienne who took good care of everyone in the private lounge, their service was very professional and attentive. Well Done

5.0 star rating Jayne Molloy from St Davids, Wales


I deliberated for ages whether to risk restricted view seats nearer the stage or go for the seats much further back for the same price. In the end I opted for row D seats and wow they were stunning! Well worth it! The show itself was just brilliant with so many stand out performances. We loved it so much. If you’re on a budget, take a chance on these seats, we really didn’t miss a thing.

5.0 star rating Robert Graham from Lincoln, England


2 trainee Witches meet and become friends and later enemies as Elphaba born green and Galinda become the Wicked Witch Of The West and the Good Witch Of The North looking at the origin story of the Wicked Witch Of The West and leading into a new take on The Wizard Of Oz from The Wicked Witch Of The West's point of view making her a more sympathetic villain. Terrific entertainment with excellent performances from the whole cast, terrific songs and effects and must now be every bit as much of a classic as The Wizard Of Oz. One slight complaint I'm a tall man at 6ft tall and I wish theatres would do something about leg room as it does get very cramped sitting after a while. Apart from that a fantastic show that might be my new favourite musical and a must see.

5.0 star rating Paul Burroughs from London, England


It was my first ever show to see when with my gf omg it blew my mind it was amazing show I loved it cant wait to see it again loved the cast it felt like your part of the show

5.0 star rating Isabel from London, England


Wicked is such a good birthday present for anyone I took my mum and she loved it a very memorable experience it is full of plot twists and friendship tails I still have the songs stuck in my head! I would recommend that you take a over 10 year old so you really get the best experience over all I would rate it a 9/10

5.0 star rating from London, England


The show was incredible and we left in awe, but the highlight of our trip was the level of kindness and accessibility. My friend and I have physical disabilities and the friendly staff made sure we felt safe, had somewhere to sit while waiting and walked us to and from our seats to avoid crowds. Eve made our experience 10x better and came to assist before asked. Eve and Annie are assets to the theatre and make it a safe place for all. Thank you so much

4.5 star rating Su from Surrey, UK


Saw Wicked yesterday for the first time. Had no idea what the story was about, so we were really looking forward to it. Our seats were excellent, in the Dress Circle - certainly no problem with the heating. Lovely and warm. There was a signing person working too - and I really wish I could understand signing. We all found it really difficult to understand what the words were. Very disappointing because the singing was lovely, the acting was brilliant too, but it was very difficult to make out what was being said, or sung. I would recommend this show 100%, maybe the stalls would be clearer for the acoustics. Excellent

4.5 star rating Huda from london


I went with my school i had a idea in my head it wouldent be very intresting but as soon as i arrived in the theater my idea changeged as soon as i got my ticket i was rushing to go and see the play even thow there was 5 mints left as soon as it started i was amazed of how much technolgy they had in the play thet was just realy nice tooo the hull thing was perfect i would recomend it to a family day out because it understandebal for littel kids

4.5 star rating Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555


This is one of the best musicals ever to play in London, The acting was perfect, the songs were just amazing, the sets, costumes and lighting design were well invented, The only thing i didn't like about this production was that the sound system made the singers look like singing different words rather than what is the the script and lyrics and that is about it.

4.5 star rating Rory from London,


I went with my girlfriend two weeks ago and it was brilliant! The staging was exceptional... The singing top notch... All with a fun and interesting story interwoven with The Wizard of Oz. Loved it. A must see London West End show!

4.0 star rating Hayley from Cambridge, UK


Alexia Khadime, Elphaba, has an amazing voice! She gave me goose pimples with every note she sang. Defying Gravity was a masterpiece!! She deserves an award fo her voice, outstanding!! made it for me.

4.0 star rating James Palmer from Chatteris, England


We went as a family to see this for a 50th birthday and what a great show to see, lighting, permormance was wexcellent. The only let down, and we were not the only ones to say it, was down to the Apollo Theatre itself. About 10-15 minutes into the performance about 20 people were aloud to come in and sit down interupting a brilliant performance and throughout the performance ushers and members of the audiance were up and down the isles disrupting a great show, this is the only theatre i have known this to happen and felt let down as it was very distracting. A great show just a shame about the venue.

4.0 star rating Fajer from kuwait


The marketing of the souvenir was not professional as in Broadway theatre, although I was the first n the queue n the boutique @ theatre after the end of the show (5th January) the lady who called HOLLY was selling to every one except us. She must have a training course in dealing with customers as the case in Broadway.

4.0 star rating Paul from Beskydy Mountains, Czech Republic


We left the theatre about an hour ago and I have been aching to write this review every minute since. Bravo to Laura Harrison who is the "stand in" for the usual Elphaba. Stand in? This woman galvanised the audience with her perfect voice and powerful acting. The production values (especially the fascinating and gorgeous sets) were excellent and the cast as a whole was very good. But Laura Harrison was funny, heartbreaking and fabulous.

3.5 star rating Morgan from london


expect to see a show like a disney production (maybe a little bit better). Anyway, wicked is one of the best show in the west end and kerry ellis is amazing singing defying gravity. the staging is just incredible!

3.5 star rating Sally Clare from UK


We saw Wicked on 29th December 2008 and whilst we did enjoy the show, the theatre conditions left a lot to be desired. We were sitting the circle and were freezing throughout the whole performance which unfortunately distracted our full attention from the show. Other people around us complained to the manager during the interval and were told that the heating was on and the temperature was fine!! When we tried to speak to the manager at the end of the performance he couldn't be found. We went back the next day and eventually spoke to the deputy manager who hadn't been on duty the night before but promised to investigate and come back to us - we are still waiting!!!

3.0 star rating from London, England


Really wanted to see it as others who have said it was amazing. I found it really boring and found myself zoning out a few times and wishing the time away. I think our seats may have contributed as we were very high up and the seats were uncomfortable and cramped.

2.5 star rating Chris from UK


I watched "Wicked" only 3 days ago and was very dissapointed. Too many ballads and, surprisingly for a west end show, all too forgetable songs. At every show I've seen, people come out humming one song that stands out, none of these did. More effects could have been used. I'm sure there was ample opportunity for the witches to fly and for the bird to be lowered and used more. Thank goodness Sam Kelly was in it to hold some interest. Sorry if this is negative but I've seen better in the regional pantomimes.

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