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5.0 star rating Kristi from Denver


We saw Phantom Oct 31 and thought it was fantastic, even after all these years. Ramin Karimloo was outstanding as the Phantom and Robyn North as Christine was just brilliant. This was the first time I've seen the show but would happily see it again!

5.0 star rating Tracey Turner from Sussex, England


My first ever visit to a Theatre was brilliant! Although not mentioned in the billing, John Addison who played Raoul was fantastic. Would like to have had an amended sheet with his name on in the role. Ramin, Leila and John certainly have given me the lust to see another show very soon. Thanks mainly to John who wasn't even mentioned x x x x

5.0 star rating Bianca from Northern Ireland


I went to see the Phantom of the Opera in March 08, and I though it was brilliant! Much better than I expected! Even my dad who doesn't really enjoy the theatre, thought it was great! It's a must see! Ramin Karimloo as The Phantom gave me chills with his voice, it was breath taking! Very well done!!

5.0 star rating Frances Thomas from Dartford Kent UK


I have seen this production twice and both times enjoyed it, the first time I saw it I was in the stalls at the back and missed a lot of the action as there are a couple of scenes that are up high, the second time I went I made sure that I was in the second row (b) and in the centre in the Royal Circle, and wow what a fantastic play, people in the back of the stalls missed the phantom running around the top of the theatre, in the Royal circle you saw ALL the action. I took my 15 yr old daughter, what a brilliant way to be introduced to the arts, she loved it, but I dont think younger children would enjoy it as there are a few scenes that are rather frightening, if you decide to see Phantom of the Opera make sure that you get the best seats ( front stalls and first 3 rows in the royal circle) check for the best seats, dont go for the cheap ones as you will miss loads, the bar in the theatre is extremely expensive and so are the sweets and ice creams.

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555


I am a regular theatre attender but I have never see anything as magical and breathtaking as Phantom, the tickets were a present and I was sat in the third row of the Royal circle which must of been the best seats in the house, the view was simply amazing. when the phantom was singing from the top of the opera house, he was directly in front of me and i had goose bumps, it felt as though he was singing to me. the staging costumes and whole performance were simply fantastic, i cant wait to see it again

5.0 star rating Amy from England


This show is amazing! It has always been my favourite show, theres so much emotion and passion and the scene changes are so impressive! If youve never watched the theatre production but you've watched the film you will probably think...theres no way they can do that on a stage, but they do! and its amazing! I loved it so much!

5.0 star rating Xxxx from UK


We are regular theatre goers but had never before got to see "Phantom", we were not disappointed. Absolutely fantastic, spellbinding. All of the current cast were amazing and the set/costume/music could not be faulted. The only slight disappointment is the general shabbiness of the theatre and the seats/legroom leave alot to be desired. However, we would still go again!! The whole audience gave the cast a standing ovation.

5.0 star rating Megan Buchan from Edinburgh, SCO


I thought The Phantom of The Opera was absolutely OUTSTANDING. Ramin Karimloo's vocals and acting was brilliant. He really brought out the vulnerability in the Phantom. Gina Beck was also outstanding and her rendition of Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again was fantastic and it brought me to tears. Simon Bailey was brilliant and a very good singer. I really enjoyed the show. When Christine came back to give the Phantom the ring I was in tears. An outstanding musical that I would highly recommend. (Sat in the Grand Circle, row E, seat 14 and the view was very, very good.)

5.0 star rating Nicholas Driver from United Kingdom, Leeds


..and both times I adored this. I am 16 years of age and nothing can compare to this masterpiece... Later this year, when I am at college recieving EMA, I will not hesitate AT ALL in going to see this with my own money. The lyrics are so powerful and moving! Something, if you listen hard, you will take in and will be haunted by. As I said before, i'm a 16 year old boy so people would think little teenage things would interest me more - wrong. The passion in their voices and movements during "Music of the Night" touched me so much, I felt as if I was there as The Phantom or Christine Daae - they didn't seem like stage actors/actresses AT ALL. Aside from the lyrics - the music was amazing! With a brilliant array of musicians (not quite sure of the actual name - band?) In itself the music told a thousand emotions - from sadness to happiness, mystery to fear, passion to hatred and many more... All in all, The Phantom of the Opera is an amazing piece - and I think we would all agree.

5.0 star rating Me from UK


I went to London especially to see this show and it didn't disappoint!! I saw the movie and just fell in love with the Phantom and seeing it on the stage was.....unbelievable-I was nearly crying at the end. At times I completly forgot I was watching a show I was that caught up in it!!! The seats I had were in row D of the Royal circle and they were amazing!! Even, before the interval I wanted to see it again!!! I would definatly reccommed anyone to go see it. The whole theatre gave the cast a standing ovation at the end......just can't praise it enough!!! :)

5.0 star rating Sandra from Zagreb, Croatia


We visited London this summer, and went to Phantom of the Opera on 1st od Sept. Both of my kids knew the movie and soundtrack but... they were enchanted, totally speechless even that is hard to believe, and even now, when school started and many things are going on they still say how amaying and magic was it. If cast could have seen their faces it would be award. My friend bought tickets via net, and even she was on Phantom more then once, well, at the end we both crying. Thank you. And all the cast. And very nice people there working... it was a thing to remember.

5.0 star rating Margaret Osborne from Leicestershire UK


We came to see the show for the 4th time on Saturday 7th Nov (matinee). Sat in 2nd row of grand circle. Haven't been for several years but was as amazed as ever by how everyone manages to make it seem like the first performance. Really like the way surround sound is used - made it very eerie. Everything, music, acting, singing, costumes, sets were faultless. FoH and bar staff were all very friendly too. Particularly liked that the Phantom wore a poppy for remembrance day/week. That was a really lovely gesture. Looking forward to our next visit, even though the youthfulness of the cast made me feel my age a bit this time - but that's my problem. You know what they say about policemen getting younger. Thank you all for a spell binding afternoon - you made an old woman very happy.

5.0 star rating Tamara Zeegers from The netherlands


well I loved it the first time I saw it and still love it after seven times. I know I will want to watch it as many times as possible in the future. The theatre it self is a masterpiece, the music sublime and the costumes gorgeous

5.0 star rating Angela from LA,USA


What can i say, the longest-running show on broadway in history? It is absolutely fantastic. The beautiful music, haunting lyrics, fabulous setting and brilliant acting by the cast,all make the musical such a huge success. It certainly lives up to its name. The melodies are memorable and nice. Phantom never dies, hope it continues its playing around the world.

5.0 star rating Chris Marsh from London


I am a regularly theatre goer and an aspiring actor myself at University and for many reasons i keep returning to Phantom, its simply inspiring and magic. I have seen the show 11 times and not once has it been a let down. The music is incredible and passionate, the singing is out of this world and there is no other experiance like it, where ever you see it, pure genius and utter brilliance.

5.0 star rating Derek & Chrissie from Norfolk


OMG - please, don't miss this show. I took my wife for a surprise weekend to see this, and if you enjoy the film... this will blow your socks off! The voices are incredible, the passion tangible, and the sets phenomenal. It's a treat that earned (quite rightly) a standing ovation. Treat yourselves - you'll love it!

5.0 star rating Martha from Great Britain


Yesterday, I watched the piece and I went completely speechless when it ended. I didn't know what to say. It was so amazing! Wonderful! Splendid!Any of these words wasn't suitable enough to express what I felt. I've read the book first, then watched some film versions of the Phantom. The book was fantastic and I recommend it to everyone.It's strange,but I didn't like the film, the 2004 version, despite of the fact that the plot is the same as in the piece. In the piece the actors/singers acted so great...but as far as the film is concerned, I had a feeling that Christine and Phantom don't suit to their roles. Those from the piece were abso-freakin'-lutely good!I love the Phantom's voice.And what is more, he was frightening, in spite of the Phantom from the film. I had goose pimples and tears in my eyes, during the piece. I would watch it again and again...

5.0 star rating Maria from Portugal


I've seen the Phantom this October and it was a longtime wish that came truth. It was the most outstanding experience. Really, really, really great. I recommend it to everyone. If I get back to London, I will certainly see it again.

5.0 star rating Gary Mack from Lancashire UK


Now the longest running show in the history of Her Majesty's Theatre, Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Phantom Of The Opera" opened to enormous success in October 1986 and has been running to capacity ever since, can this musical still deliver? The answer is a resounding YES! John Owen-Jones the actor who currently plays the role of The Phantom gives a truly wonderful, moving and not to be missed performance! I have see the production 13 times and it never disappoints! Buy your tickets NOW! Here's to the next 25 years!

5.0 star rating Chris Treanor from Solihull,West Midlands,England


A few years back,my wife talked me into watching the film Phantom of the opera!I wasn't a musical fan,but watched it-it blew me away so much that i bought the film on dvd and the cd for the car.i also made it my wish to take my wife to see the real thing at her majesty's theatre London.As the kids would say OMG(Oh my god)for the older folk.MASTERPIECE is an understatment!You could mark this out of a million and it would still get a million!It really was faultless,The performance,the scenery and so on.The flim was good but the theatre was out of this world and will stay with us forever.On that note,I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all the cast and everyone behind the scenes that make it happen.I would also like to say thank you to Will Barratt(RAOUL)who took time out for a quick chat with us after the show(what a nice guy).please dont miss the performance of a lifetime-you must see it for yourself!Thanks again for making our day to all from Chris and Julie Treanor

5.0 star rating N Ross from London, England


I went to see the show last week and I thought it was utterly breath taking. I’ve never enjoyed a show so much. The costumes were beautiful and the signing was out of this world. I’d go and see this again. I highly recommend.

5.0 star rating Melissa Nock from United Kingdom


I've seen the film version with Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler and love it! First time I've seen this on stage and wanted to walk straight back in after watching the matinee show to watch the evening one. Absolutely breathtaking. Sofia Escobar was outstanding and John-Owen Jones was also outstanding. Definitely recommend; and so want to see it again... Lots of times in the near future!! A must watch musical; plus the staff at Her Majesty's Theatre are very polite and helpful too!

5.0 star rating Mark Hammond from Greenwich, United Kingdom


Saw this show for the 4th time on Saturday (12th of november), and what can i say it just gets better and better, my girlfriend has become a huge fan of this show thanks to me and it was her 2nd time seeing it and it won't be our last, the cast was amazing and John Owen-Jones as The Phantom, he has so much emotion and passion you really feel sorry for the phantom by the end of it the final song at the end had me welling up, i would highly recommend seeing this show, no wonder it has been going for 25 years its simply amazing full stop.

5.0 star rating Sue Bradshaw from Harare, ZIMBABWE


....I find it impossible to find words to describe how I felt during the performance of Phantom of the Opera. I was so moved by the whole experience I just wanted to stay in my seat and watch the whole thing all over again and again and again.... Truly magical.....hope I get the opportunity to see it the next time I visit London from my home in Zimbabwe.....

5.0 star rating Thomas from Denmark


This is the single most spectacular show i've EVER seen! The music is perfected to a point so you can't tell the difference from the studio recording - it's even better than the original CD. The acting is classes from what i've seen - even after several performances, the actors still put their heart and soul into it - beautifull! Then there's the stage. So many things are happening at once, and nothing is left to coincidence - the best part is that everything is carried out to perfection, so you allmost think you are in a movie. Buttom line in this review is, that both my wife and I was stunned with this amazing experience where everything is taken to new hights. The show is worth every penny, so if you haven't seen it yet - your loss, go and see it at once...

5.0 star rating Christine from United kingdom


I am totally addicted and spellbound by this musical.andrews best production. I was disappointed that the sequel love never dies did not do well here, I saw it twice and loved it but I think the adelphi was the wrong theatre and I have since bought the DVD of the Australian show and wow! Please bring it back to the west end but try another venue and lets include the changes that occurred in the Aussie product.

5.0 star rating Jackie from Preston


I attended Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre on Saturday 10 November 2012 as a gift from a dear friend. It was just magical! the cast are so professional; their humour, and their emotions, sadness and comedy, all came through taking us, the audience, with them. I always wondered why people go to London just to see shows - now I know why and I'm hooked! My sincere and hearty appreciation goes to all members of the cast and the supporting staff. thank you for a memorable night.

5.0 star rating Serena from Lahore, Pakistan


the phantom was the most favourite experience of my visit to the city and i would have seen it every night had i the time for it. wonderful performance and absolutely enjoyed the music... "exhilirating" would fall short of describing it!

5.0 star rating Alex from Dewsbury UK


I have seen phantom twice now. I think I could watch it every single day and never get tired of it. Simply beautiful - the best musical there's ever been (or is likley to ever be). If you haven't seen it - why not? Go see it. Even if you have to sell a few things to do it! It'll be worth it!

5.0 star rating Steven Blanchard from Swindon Wiltshire


I first saw phantom in 1989 when I was 19. Since then i have seen 27 performance s of the show. I am looking forward to my 28th visit on Saturday 5th December 2015. I love to take someone who has never seen it and see the pleasure it gives them. Go and see this show and " let the spectacle astound you" enjoy!!

5.0 star rating Nicola Elliott from London, England


I took my husband (who doesn’t like musicals) to see Phantom of the Opera last night for his birthday. It’s one of those bucket list wishes that he’s had for years, but not liking musical theatre prevented an earlier visit. From the moment that first note was played by the orchestra and the singing started he was totally BLOWN AWAY! It was the best thing we have ever seen on stage, the opera singing was first class from all the actors, it was emotional, believable, breathtaking…. every single cast member shone in their own right. The costumes and scenery were even astounding…every single detail all came together in an absolute masterpiece. Massive well done to all of the cast and crew, phenomenal show - definitely the best ever.

5.0 star rating Michelle Southwick from London, England


The show was fantastic. The staff were brilliant too. Gemma was an absolute star, she was attentive, chatty and added to a great experience. Thank you Gemma for your assistance and helping our experience to be prefect

5.0 star rating Anna from London, England


By far the best musical I have ever seen, magical and unique

4.5 star rating Anonymous from Brigton, UK


I have seen the show 3 times now and each time the role of the Phantom was played with such intensity and emotion that you could not help but be pulled into the storyline. Ramin Karimloo was absolutely excellent. I thought that the part of Christine, played by Katie Hall was good, however I thought that her voice did not have the maturity to always deliver the demanding vocals that is required of this role. However the show was excellent and I will definitely see the show again. I look forward to hearing the fantastic music of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber the next time. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

4.5 star rating Phantom Lover from Washington State, USA


The three of us totally enjoyed this production. My older son is a Phantom fanatic and said this play was superb. The music, costumes, and singing were great. We sat in the stalls close to the stage at C8 and had fantastic views of the actors and chandelier. If we were to go again, we might choose the lower balcony front center seating. My only complaint is the rules regarding photography. I asked the receptionist before the play about photography rules and was told it was ok to take pictures before and after the play. I took pictures before the play started. As I was preparing to take pictures after the play ended and most people had left, I was yelled at by a rude usher that also made some inappropriate comments. Management needs to be more consistent and polite with interpretation and enforcement of the rules.

4.5 star rating Amy from London,


The Phantom blew me away. Fantastic! Fantastic! fantastic! He stole the show .... Everyone else performed very well but the Phantom was outstanding....

4.0 star rating Chris.P from Basingstoke - England


For the most part the show was very enjoyable and what could be seen was impressive. My regret though was that from Stalls Row R we could only view the lower part of the stage, missing amongst other scenes the spectacular that was the chandelier and the phantom singing suspended on a floating platform, of which we could see the lower part and a pair of white gloves. I can recommend the show but if you want view the whole show and experience the full effect of the illusion only take seats in the stalls if they are from Row J forward. If you go you’ll enjoy the Phantom’s final illusion

4.0 star rating Extremely disappointed from england


the seats in the grand circle are the most uncomfortable seats I have ever experiencedin any theatre in the world, its a good job the show was so amazing but I will never visit this theatre again whatever they may show in the future particularly as my tickets arrived advising me that there was also restricted view from my seats, I really think this important information must be made available at the time of booking not at the time of delivery when its too late to change, bloody shame eh !!

3.0 star rating Hmm from Anytown, AT 55555


Seeing this show from the Royal ALbert Hall at the Cinema, I thought would be a cheap evening out. Went to a different cinema than for Les Mis 25th anniversary due to satellite issues making the picture stutter. THis time the projection was terrible (apparently nothing the cinema could do because they were getting the feed from an external company) and sound quality was non existant. During Masquarade, the sound had gone for the whole sequence, so someone shouted "this is my favourite song, i can sing it if you want!" I would like to know whether this just happened in London (Cineworld Wandsworth for Phantom, Odeon Wimbledon for Les Mis) or whether it was a national thing. If its a national thing then they need to change satellite providers! Should have gone to Hyde park to see if I could have heard it from the Hall itself!

2.5 star rating Kathy from Bristol England


This was the worst production of Phantom that I have ever seen. Special effects were average and whom ever played the lead of Phantom on Saturday 17th April was not up to the part. When the powerful voice was neede he was shouting not singing. Spoilt my day out to see Phantom and Love Never Dies in tandem. I have previously seen the stage production in Bristol and London so I do have a benchmark.

1.0 star rating Scott Brown from Surrey, UK


How disappointing. My wife and I have seen Phantom 5 times between us and both love the show. I bought premium seats for her birthday and we both very much looked forward to seeing the show again. Sadly we were so angry with the current weak cast and bizarre direction that we decided not to return for act 2. The original show was written to portray the undiscovered talent of Christine by the tortured and brilliant Phantom. Both leads on stage last Friday (9th July 10) were weak to say the least and coupled with the almost pantomime direction the result was to ruin what is a perfect work by Lloyd Webber et al. All that class and illusion lost. I hope Lloyd-Webber sees this recent travesty and influences a change to his original design. Gutted.

1.0 star rating Luke from London, England


Terrible lip sinking. Where was the orchestra? Could not see all of the performance. Walked out after 20 minutes. So disappointing to how the show was years ago. Avoid at all costs

1.0 star rating Jenny Harris from London, England


If not for my niece’s first to this show, I would have left. Phantom of the Opera has always been my favourite musical and this is my fourth. The leads were not up to scratch, their voices lacking depth and warmth. The sound system was just loud and ‘tinny’ that at times I had to put my hands over my ears.


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magical BEAUTIFUL Captivating

Phantom today leaves a Titanic sized wake behind it in which the rest wallow for nearly 30 years.

Her Majesty's Theatre London, is where it all began. October 1986 and the curtain went up on the biggest gamble of Lloyd Webber's life.

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