SIX Takes Over London

The brand new British musical SIX stormed into London's West End last night with a flurry of anticipation. After leading the way at the Edinburgh Fringe this new wave hit, written by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss (who are just 23 and recent university graduates!), is set to repeat its trailblazing success right here in London.

But what did the critics think?

Well it seems that the British press couldn't be more enthralled by this poptastic thrill-ride with the Evening Standard awarding the musical five stars and saying 'This is quite the most uplifting piece of new British musical theatre I have ever had the privilege to watch'. With The Stage saying 'In Gabriella Slade’s dazzling costumes girl group Six look like a Tudor Little Mix – and they sound just as good. The combination of Emma Bailey’s set and Tim Deiling’s tremendous lighting creates the feel of a stadium-sized extravaganza on the relatively narrow stage at the Arts Theatre.'

The Londonist seemed to mirror the sentiment saying 'Six is good, and it knows it...the magisterial confidence is a reassuring sign that Britain has the talent to rival Hamilton’s hip-hop history.'

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