A warm reception for The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

Adventure awaits!

C.S Lewis' classic world of Narnia is once again brought to life, this time by innovative director Sally Cookson at the Bridge Theatre. 

First seen in Leeds in 2017, this iteration is a warmly whimsical production that delights with stunning set pieces, puppetry, and cheerful choreography, detailed best by the the Evening Standard; who wrote  "The show works best in carnival mode, when the huge Aslan puppet and his cadaverous rivals do battle, when giant flowers are passed down the auditorium for an exuberant dance routine." 

A sentiment clearly shared by The Telegraph who declare it: "absolutely spellbinding". Whilst there where some reservations about the pacing of the story, it seems most critics agreed on the all-ages appeal, with What'sOnStage summing it up best; "In terms of ticking the festive theatre trip box, there's more than enough to keep the whole family happy in this fabulous production"

What is the story?

After leaving London to escape the Blitz, the inquisitive Pevensey Children (Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter) are searching for adventure in the old country house of their guardian. When they discover a doorway to a mysterious wintry wonderland at the back of an old wardrobe it certainly seems they have found it.

But all is not as it seems in the icy land of Narnia, in fact, it's under the spell of the nefarious White Witch, whose tyranny keeps the world in perpetual winter - with Christmas never coming! Alongside the talking faun Mr Tumnus, the kind Mr and Mrs Beaver, and the majestic lion Aslan, the children prepare to battle the witch and restore Narnia to its former glory. Will the forces of good win out over this chilling evil? Book your tickets to find out!

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