The Critics Have Their Say On Cheryl's West End Debut!

Girls Aloud star Cheryl made her West End debut in 2:22 A Ghost Story earlier this week.

Cheryl, best known for her career in Girls Aloud, made her West End debut earlier this week in 2:22: A Ghost Story. Cheryl steps into the shoes of Jenny, a primary school teacher who is certain her house is haunted. The role was originally played by another chart-topping songstress, Lily Allen.

Of course, when you get a big name making their debut in anything, not far behind them will be critics ready to make their judgement - and Cheryl was top of their list. Let's find out what they had to say...

"As her own X Factor moment, it is respectable enough for a first go, if blunt-edged: big on volume and sudden, thunderous anger...Cheryl convincingly plays ratter new mother Jenny". 
- The Guardian
"She proves a class act and - whisper it - is even the most understated player on stage. She has always exuded self-composure and while that uprightness...doesn't wholly match the frazzled new mum and hands on teacher brief, it accords with the characters status consciousness". 
- Telegraph
"It's safe to say she puts in an assured debut - sure, sometimes intonation waves, while her angry outburst can occasionally feel unexpected and one-note. If this is the result when casting a "personality" brings bums to seats during a time when theatres need all the help they can get, then fair play - it's clearly a gambit that's working."
- WhatsOnStage
"Cheryl the actor stands before us...but is she any good? Actually, yes. As Jenny, Cheryl gives a confident, measure performance. Her Geordie accent may be instantly recognisable, but she fully inhabits the role. She excels in the show's quieter moments, more naturalistic moments, and has a knack for comic timing. In moments, its hard to seperate Jenny from the glamorous pop star, but when she smiles and cradles her cup of tea, her performance is totally believable."
- Independent

Overall, it sounds like Cheryl has taken to the West End stage and made it her second home. The question is, is this the start of a new path for Cheryl? Will we see her in a West End musical next? Are WhatsOnStage correct in calling her a 'personality' hire? You never know, she may be holding an Olivier Award one day.