Frozen Sets West End Closing Date

It's time to let Frozen go...

The newly refurbished Theatre Royal Drury Lane opened its doors in 2021 to the Disney Musical Frozen, and since then the production has been spreading joy and magic across the West End with Elsa, Anna, Olaf and the rest of the gang.

Previews started on August 27, 2021 ahead of the official opening night on September 8, 2021. Exactly three years later, on September 8, 2024, Frozen the Musical will have its final curtain call and the West End will quite literally, Let It Go. 

There's still chance to catch Frozen on the West End! Book your tickets today. 


Loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson's fairytale The Snow Queen, the story takes place in the Scandinavian surrounds of Arendelle, where two royal sisters, Elsa and Anna must grow up alone after losing their parents in a tragic sea accident.

Elsa, the elder of the two, must also contend with a secret - she has the power to create ice and snow with her bare hands, which she must keep secret, even from her sister, who nearly died whilst playing together as a little girl. By contrast, Anna is a sunny, albeit naive young lady who yearns for the outside world, having been isolated from Elsa since the accident.

When Elsa comes of age, she must take the throne as Queen, and the kingdom is reopened for her coronation - just for one day. Anna meets a handsome and charming Prince called Hans, who she instantly wishes to marry, much to Elsa's consternation. When the argument inadvertently reveals Elsa's powers, she flees to the wild North Mountain to live out a life of solitude and freedom. But Anna must find her sister and bring her back (with the help of an ice-seller, his reindeer and a talking snowman); otherwise, the fate of Arendelle will be frozen forever and left to the mercy of a cruel power.


The year was 2013, the air cool and crisp and little did we know our lives were about to be taken over by a princess who shot ice out of her hand like she was an Arctic Spiderman. Our stores, TV and radios were about to have 'Let it Go' on repeat and every child the eye could see would soon be donning a sparkly blue dress with a blonde plaited wig. With three nieces, one of which owns the full Elsa costume and demanded she wore it on Halloween (scary I know), I was already ready to put Frozen to bed - lock it away, and throw away the key. Fast forward nearly 10 years, and I find myself sat in a theatre with a new generation of young children in the same costumes, eyes sparkling ready to see their iconic princess come to life. I was about to relive the nightmare tenfold.

I was the Scrooge amongst the carol singers, sat there just ready for my ears to once again go through the trauma of 'Do You Want To Build a Snowman?' The atmosphere was infectious with excitement and feel-good energy, it practically poured out of the audience. You couldn't help but feel it too! I was ready, the lights dimmed, the orchestra started, and the crowd which would normally fall silent instead cheered... READ MORE

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