An Enemy Of The People Reviews!

The production is currently playing at Duke of Yorks Theatre

Tipped as a seminal and interactive staging from the esteemed German theatremaker, "An Enemy Of The People" follows Smith as he stars as a doctor faced with uncovering a public health crisis at a local spa, much to the chagrin of the town's authorities. The production officially opened at the Duke of York's Theatre on February 6th, and the reviews have been rolling in; see what the critics had to say about this boldly reimagined production.


"a mix of glorious truth-telling and red-pilled douchiness that'll leave you wanting to high-five him and slap him in equal measure." 

"It's also, as I've said, extremely droll: Ostermeier and various writers manage to be sincerely provocative with largely funny characters. The lightly absurdist quality means we never really feel like we're being lectured. Although the ending is very similar to Ibsen's, a deft final flourish just a single look between Smith and Findlay changes the tone to something altogether lighter and more mischievous."

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"a monologue that single-handedly will prompt standing ovations."

Radio Times

"While Smith might be the way in for many audience members, he won't be the only reason they'll be thinking about the show for days afterwards. That credit has to go to the risky and surprising choices made throughout."

"It's during the second act that Smith has his shining moment a monologue that single-handedly will prompt standing ovations."

"An Enemy of the People is full of contradictions that somehow work it's incredibly serious and incredibly funny, it's messy and meticulous, with characters that are simultaneously moral and morally corrupt."

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"it's incredibly serious and incredibly funny, it's messy and meticulous"

Financial Times

"But the performances are great, particularly from Zachary Hart as the funny, dopey Billing and Jessica Brown Findlay as the long-suffering Katharina. And Smith is terrific."

"Smith is terrific"

"In Ostermeier's hands, that public meeting becomes critical, with the theatre audience encouraged to react. It's a brilliant idea, driving home the resonance of the play but also responding to its central issue by giving people a platform for engagement, before abruptly returning to the action."

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