Reviews: Hadestown In The West End

The production recently opened at the Lyric Theatre on February 10th

The production brightened up the West End stage when it opened at the Lyric Theatre on February 10th and is set to play there until December 22nd. The brainchild of celebrated indie-folk singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell and Tony-nominated experimental theatre director Rachel Chavkin, this musical fuses elements of Greek mythology with Mitchell's emotionally-charged concept album of the same name. It was the talk of the town even before it opened. Let's dive in to see what critics thought about the production!


"The band is superb, and the performances across the board pack an extraordinary punch. I particularly loved Gloria Onitiri's Persephone, full of life but also full of doubt, singing with her entire heart and soul and illuminating every scene she's in."

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"As Hades, Zachary James sounds like a mix between Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen, hitting staggering low notes in Why We Build the Wall"

"Rachel Chavkin's production takes on a fabulous sense of motion from here on but there is stillness, too, which allows the emotions around the central, complicated romances to rise."

"This is one of the best West End musicals around."

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"This is one of the best West End musicals around."

The Times

"The underworld has never sounded so funky. At a time when jukebox musicals seem to be everywhere, singer-songwriter Anas Mitchell's captivating folk opera"

"Rachel Chavkin's magical production"

"The show is proof, too, that you don't need a full-size pit orchestra to make a glorious noise. Tarek Merchant's seven-piece band, sitting amid the actors, generates a salty melange of New Orleans jazz, blues and gospel."

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"The underworld has never sounded so funky."


"Hadestown is quite unlike any musical I have seen before and it is all the better for that. Mitchell and director Rachel Chavkin have worked closely and rigorously together over many years and multiple iterations of the show to create a languid and sinuous production" iNews

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"Hadestown is quite unlike any musical I have seen before"

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